InsideView Surpasses Four Billion API Transactions Delivering Robust and Reliable Company and Contact Data to Enrich Applications

InsideView API Integration Platform Enables Software Developers to Build More Powerful Applications that Drive Productivity and Revenue

InsideView, the leader in B2B data and intelligence, announced that its open API platform has conducted more than four billion transactions since launching in late 2014. This number is expected to grow at an increasing rate as the number of data API providers in the market is shrinking. InsideView offers a comprehensive and accurate global B2B data API integration platform with easy-to-use APIs to enhance applications with data on companies, contacts, corporate news, and technology profiles.


InsideView data APIs contain details on nearly 20 million private and public companies, including firmographics, family tree and corporate linkages, and industry data, and on more than 70 million contacts, including job level, job function, and email address. Other example APIs include a categorized news API that pushes real-time business events, and Tech Profiler APIs that can be used to build lists based on technologies a company uses or add complete technology profiles to existing account records. The InsideView Target API enables users to generate lists of ideal companies and contacts to target based on dozens of filters.

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“Data brings life and context to B2B applications, enhancing and enriching functionality with real companies and contacts,” said Heidi Tucker, VP Global Alliances at InsideView. “Decisions and applications are based on data, but for true, revenue-driving impact that data needs to be real-time and accurate. APIs create the critical link between data sources and applications that delivers better decision making, knowledge, and actionable intelligence.”

InsideView customers and partners are using InsideView APIs in a wide variety of innovative ways. InsideView APIs fuel sales and marketing applications, predictive models, and SaaS solutions across markets such as financial services, cyber security, human resources, supply chain, and more. GrowFlare and RingLead are examples of partners leveraging InsideView APIs.


GrowFlare delivers “wickedly fast” AI-driven lead generation for startups, using a unique blend of predictive AI and psychographic data. GrowFlare uses InsideView APIs to validate and enrich 10 million web domains and all U.S. companies with 10 or more employees, so their customers can find and focus on their best leads in seconds. InsideView’s firmographic data, including address, geography, revenue, and industry, in combination with GrowFlare’s proprietary psychographic data, improves marketing lead conversions by 8x at 90 percent less cost, and slashes the time sales teams spend to create prospect lists from days to seconds.

“Startups can’t afford to waste time on prospects that will never buy. As a startup ourselves, we live this every day. Timely, relevant data is the key to finding your best leads in seconds. We chose InsideView as our data partner for the quality of their data, the great working relationship, and easy API integration. Talk about fast! We got the API up and running in one day. Once we knew the call syntax, we pulled our first data feeds and lookups. Since then we’ve had zero issues,” said Matt Belkin, Founder, GrowFlare.


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RingLead offers a powerful cloud-based data quality platform that enables their customers to collect, manage, and optimize their sales, marketing, POS, and other data. RingLead provides this service by combining their platform and expertise with external data from third party-providers like InsideView. They use InsideView simple APIs and the InsideView ID to clean, enrich, and maintain customers’ Salesforce and Pardot data.

“We have hundreds of API partners and InsideView is one of my favorites because they’re easy to work with and their APIs are exactly what we want—high quality data and the best API documentation of any of our partners,” said John Kosturos, CRO, RingLead.

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