Foxit and Toshiba Announce Strategic Partnership for End-User Productivity and Enterprise Automation

Foxit and Toshiba Announce Strategic Partnership for End-User Productivity and Enterprise Automation

  • Toshiba Tec to Launch PhantomPDF Throughout Organization  

Foxit Software, a leading provider of innovative PDF products and services, helping knowledge workers to increase their productivity and do more with documents, announced a strategic partnership with Toshiba Tec UK Imaging Systems Limited to leverage Foxit’s PhantomPDF and Enterprise Automation solutions in order to optimize the flow of information and data throughout its organization and customer services. Toshiba Tec is a leading provider of information technology products with many applications in industry, logistics, commerce, healthcare and services.

Foxit’s PDF and Enterprise Automation solutions were a perfect fit for Toshiba as it will enable its customers to do more with documents at a significant cost savings. Toshiba will leverage PhantomPDF to make significant improvements to workflow, productivity and user experience.

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“PhantomPDF allows Toshiba to design flexible, robust and scalable processes, which our customers need to drive their workflows efficiently,” Deyon Antoine, Product Manager at Toshiba. “We’re excited to integrate Foxit’s excellent software into Toshiba’s suite of Managed Print, IT and Process Optimisation Services.”

PhantomPDF empowers knowledge workers to build better smart PDF documents by providing a comprehensive solution that supports the complete document lifecycle (create, collaborate, edit, manage, share, secure, and track usage) in an affordable and easy-to-use application. This results in improved productivity and enhanced document quality. PhantomPDF is available on desktop systems, mobile devices, and the cloud. To learn more about Foxit’s PhantomPDF, please visit:

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“Toshiba is a pioneer in the Digital Transformation journey of many of the largest companies in the UK, and we are excited at the opportunity to partner with them to provide improved workflow and efficiency,” said Wim Temmerman, VP Sales EMEA at Foxit. “We look forward to working with Toshiba and their dealers on enhancing Enterprise Automation as we grow this partnership.”

Foxit’s Enterprise Automation solutions provide server software for improved large-scale document processes. Benefits of the solution include:

  • Increase business efficiency for your team and organization
  • Overcome large email files and upload pain points
  • Protect sensitive customer data
  • Meet document archiving compliance regulations
  • Mitigate uncertain cloud/egress storage costs
  • Implement smarter migrations and standardize content for easier management

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