eSSENTIAL Accessibility Launches Tools For Faster, Easier Digital Accessibility Management

Expanded offerings ensure an actionable and seamless approach to compliance

eSSENTIAL Accessibility (eA), the leading digital Accessibility-as-a-Service platform, has announced two new proprietary tools that will facilitate accessibility compliance: Auto-Match Findings and Advanced Projects and Tasks with Issue Tracking. Auto-Match Findings provides more clarity and context to automated scanning results, making them more practical and actionable for internal teams. Advanced Projects and Tasks with Issue Tracking gives teams the tools they need to collaborate and consolidate work around accessibility issues, including integration with Jira, the widely used project management tool.

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“Organizations are committing to digital accessibility and looking to integrate it with existing development processes,” said Mark Steele, co-founder and CEO of eSSENTIAL Accessibility. “That’s why we’ve made compliance management simple, integrating accessibility with the most widely used project management software in the world. IT, design and development teams now have an unprecedented vantage point into accessibility issues with historical data, and a workflow system to guide them, ensuring their digital assets are equitable and accessible to all.”

Auto-Match Findings makes automated scan results more practical and actionable.

Automated scans test the accessibility of a website or other digital property, and can produce hundreds of findings. Teams may not know which findings are valid or how to prioritize fixing them. Auto-Match Findings, unique to the eA Platform, provides greater clarity and context to automated scanning so teams can manage results more effectively. Auto-Match Findings can:

  • Group and combine issues previously detected
  • Automatically discover when an issue is no longer found and close the related finding
  • Flag new findings as a priority

Auto-Match Findings also gives users visibility to an accessibility issue’s full history, including when it first appeared, every time it was seen, and when it was resolved. These capabilities deliver substantial value to developers, making identified accessibility issues more actionable.

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Advanced Projects and Tasks with Issue Tracking streamlines issue remediation.


Teams can use Advanced Projects and Tasks to optimize their work, optionally syncing with Jira, and soon, other project management tools. This enables teams to organize issues by project, and assign them to the right teams as projects and tasks. Users can review and respond to accessibility testers’ comments within each task, creating a smooth operational experience within the eA Platform, or when syncing between the Platform and Jira. The Jira integration can synchronize issues, notes and attachments so developers don’t have to log into another dashboard.

“Implementing the Jira integration with the eA Platform has been a key driver in the success of our accessibility program, taking our process management from good to great,” said Alex Brown, web development manager at Lush Cosmetics North America. “We’ve significantly streamlined our accessibility remediation work, exponentially improving our efficiency with clearer visibility to progress every step of the way.”


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are currently more than one billion people globally living with a disability, a number that is expected to dramatically increase over the years due to demographic trends and increases in chronic health conditions worldwide. People with disabilities are dealing with a widening digital accessibility gap, and at the same time, companies are increasingly facing lawsuits related to the accessibility of their websites and digital properties under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). eA’s new tools help organizations combat digital barriers and create inclusive, accessible, compliant digital experiences.

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