Entegria Systems Introduces FastSSR: The Future of High-Speed Mainframe File Transfers

Entegria Systems Introduces FastSSR: The Future of High-Speed Mainframe File Transfers

Entegria Systems, a leading software product company specializing in digital file management, has launched FastSSR, cutting-edge high-speed software designed to invigorate emulator-based IBM mainframe file transfers. FastSSR is the first of two groundbreaking solutions from Entegria Systems, alongside the highly anticipated debut of RheoWorx, its comprehensive managed file workflow system scheduled for release this fall.

FastSSR represents a significant leap forward in mainframe file transfer technology, providing unparalleled speed and efficiency. With transfer speeds up to 156 times faster than traditional IND$FILE transfers, FastSSR empowers organizations to streamline mainframe operations and optimize data movement. By leveraging FastSSR, enterprises including financial institutions, insurance companies, and government entities can eliminate bottlenecks, enhance productivity, and achieve significant time savings.


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“FastSSR sets a new standard for mainframe file transfers, addressing the need for rapid and secure data movement in today’s fast-paced business environment,” said Tony Tancredi, CTO of Entegria Systems. “This is a high-speed tool that will immediately impact mission-critical enterprises seeking to maximize their mainframe efficiency.”

FastSSR seamlessly integrates with existing terminal emulators like Reflection and Rumba from OpenText and PCOMM from IBM, providing a hassle-free implementation process. It offers unparalleled compatibility with IBM z/OS mainframes and supports mainframe modernization efforts, enabling organizations to leverage their existing resources while embracing a more efficient file transfer solution.

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While FastSSR delivers immediate benefits, the forthcoming RheoWorx comprehensive managed file workflow system promises to be a game-changer for enterprises, empowering them to easily compress, encrypt, process, and transfer various types of data. With its user-friendly interface, scalability, and robust reporting capabilities, RheoWorx will provide organizations with a secure and auditable trail for data movement, ensuring efficient workflow management and peace of mind.

“FastSSR and RheoWorx represent a transformative duo of solutions that revolutionize file transfers and workflow management,” said Elizabeth Venafro, Head of Marketing at Entegria Systems. “With FastSSR’s unprecedented speed and efficiency, and RheoWorx’s comprehensive capabilities, organizations can look forward to a future where file transfers are faster, more secure, and effortlessly streamlined. These cutting-edge software solutions empower businesses to optimize data movement and achieve their file transfer goals with ease.”

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