DoControl Joins AWS ISV Accelerate Program

DoControl Joins AWS ISV Accelerate Program

 DoControl, the leading SaaS Security Platform (SSP) vendor has announced that it has been accepted into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program, a co-sell program for AWS Partners who provide software solutions that run on or integrate with AWS. The program helps partners drive new business and accelerate sales cycles by connecting the participating ISVs with the AWS Sales organization.



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DoControl’s SSP solution helps organizations expose the significant risk associated with SaaS utilization at scale, and automatically remediates it over time through granular, contextual, and drag-and-drop workflows. DoControl uncovers all SaaS users, third-party collaborators, assets, OAuth applications, groups, and activity events, and enables large and mid-size enterprises organizations the ability to mitigate insider risk, 3rd party exposures, and programmatic data exfiltration. The platform is designed to meet each customer’s unique requirements, combining activity events, user and data inventory, and more business context into granular drop-and-drop workflows. Together, the companies are providing complete cloud services and cloud management portfolios that will give enterprise customers fast, flexible access to the cloud.

“The AWS and DoControl partnership enables organizations to better uphold their end of the shared responsibility model, ensuring that their ‘Software as a Service’ technologies are being consumed in a secure manner,” notes Omri Weinberg, CRO and Co-Founder at DoControl. “Modern businesses consuming SaaS applications and services have hundreds of apps, thousands of users, and hundreds of thousands of files; the risk of data overexposure and exfiltration runs high,” he adds. “Beyond added layers of security controls, this partnership enables organizations to purchase via the AWS Marketplace, making it easier for teams to procure the tools and solutions they require to maintain a strong security posture in the cloud.”

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With acceptance into the AWS ISV Accelerate Program, DoControl is well-positioned to scale its business to the next level and continue to empower organizations to securely and efficiently manage and protect their SaaS data. To learn more about DoControl’s partnership with AWS, including the requirements and benefits of the AWS ISV Accelerate Program, please visit our websites or contact us directly.

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