Deque Systems Launches Axe DevTools Pro

Deque Systems Launches Axe DevTools Pro

Developers Can Now Directly Address the Majority of Web Accessibility Issues with Ease Using Human and Machine Learning

Deque Systems, the trusted leader in digital accessibility, announced the availability of axe DevTools Pro. Built upon the wildly popular free axe browser extension, axe DevTools Pro is a huge step forward for digital equality, enabling dev teams to address accessibility at the source, using groundbreaking human and machine learning technology.

“With superior automation and guided tests, even novices can now conduct robust accessibility testing and remediation.”

Developers and novices alike can use axe DevTools Pro to run automated and Intelligent Guided Tests™ on their websites and applications, which directly address the core blockages preventing people with disabilities from enjoying all the web has to offer. Axe DevTools Pro can identify 76 to 84 percent of accessibility issues on a webpage, the industry’s broadest range of options for detecting and remediating accessibility problems.

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Over 19,000 developers and other users provided input to refine axe DevTools Pro during the 16-month beta period. Many of these suggestions have already been implemented.

Axe DevTools Pro is available now at There is a 14-day free trial, with no credit card required. It is then available for $40 per month, or $409 per year.

“With little effort or expertise, developers can now make meaningful change by significantly improving the user experience of their apps. By making your app accessible to people with disabilities, you’re shipping cleaner code and mitigating risk. Axe DevTools Pro was built to expand the impact developers can make, without disrupting existing processes,” says Dylan Barrell, Chief Technology Officer of Deque Systems. “With superior automation and guided tests, even novices can now conduct robust accessibility testing and remediation.”

Utilizing Deque’s industry-standard open source axe accessibility rules engine and machine learning, axe DevTools Pro’s Intelligent Guided Tests are based on simple question-and-answer interactions that don’t require accessibility expertise. Axe DevTools Pro walks developers through inspections of their websites and applications, allowing scans of full or partial pages, then produces and saves full reports highlighting areas for optimization.

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Other available axe DevTools plans are:

Axe DevTools Enterprise: All axe DevTools Pro features are also available to Deque axe DevTools Enterprise customers. Enterprise users also enjoy CI/CD integration, CLI, enterprise security and support, and native Android and iOS tools.

Axe DevTools Free: Users who do not upgrade to Pro or Enterprise for their added feature sets, can continue to run automated tests using the axe DevTools browser extension for free.

“Axe DevTools is designed to help developers fix issues at the core while they code, the most agile method to resolve accessibility blockers as well as avoid future legal troubles,” says Preety Kumar, CEO of Deque Systems. “This is critical to avoiding re-work and helping speed the DevOps lifecycle while ensuring websites are usable to the more than 1 billion people in the world living with some form of disability who may rely on assistive technologies to navigate the Internet.”

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