beingAI and MyXR Announce Strategic Partnership to Create Unique Gamification Experiences for Consumers Interacting with AI

The Two Companies Converge on a Mission to Build Engagement and Trust among Consumers by Bringing Humanness into Gamified Experiences for Entertainment, Learning, Wellness, and Social Good.

MyXR Inc., a global leader for SaaS XR and engagement software, and beingAI Limited, the world’s first transmedia AI company, announce a strategic partnership to bring artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), gamification, and digital entertainment to consumers through artificially intelligent characters (AI beings™). The companies plan to collaborate on multiple fronts, including technology and product development, sales and marketing, and promoting sustainability and social responsibility. MyXR is rolling out its SaaS AR and gamification platforms for engagement, education and entertainment, while beingAI is creating AI beings that offer friendship, storytelling, learning, entertainment, wellness, and other contents and services.


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MyXR will bring its SaaS technology to beingAI’s ecosystem to help grow, gamify, and reward the experience for each encounter. beingAI joins MyXR’s growing list of strategic partners across multiple business verticals including healthcare, education, retail, hospitality, sports, and entertainment. MyXR recently extended its commitment to underserved and underrepresented communities by announcing both the to-be-formed MyXR Foundation and a provision to welcome underrepresented investor groups into the pre-IPO company. MyXR’s SaaS platforms include 3rd generation XR platforms including MyXR Engage (for gamification and rewards) and MyXR Experience Platform (for augmented reality syndication.)

beingAI and MyXR Announce Strategic Partnership to Create Unique Gamification Experiences for Consumers Interacting with AI 1

“We are absolutely honored to have beingAI and their energy and experience on the MyXR team,” said Hans Koch, Chairman and CEO of MyXR Inc. “beingAI understands the power and huge market potential of artificial intelligence and augmented reality. They are building an innovative platform to humanize technology for a broad range of applications–perfect for our global ecosystem and the broad vertical use for the MyXR platforms. We are already working with the first partners who will deploy these technologies that seamlessly come together. “


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“We are thrilled to join the MyXR family of global leaders and brands, and to work with its exciting engagement platform,” said Jeanne Lim, Co-Founder and CEO of beingAI. “At beingAI, we believe emotive, continuous engagement is a prerequisite for building long-term loyalty with consumers. This is why we are designing our AI beings to be accessible anywhere, anytime, across devices and media platforms. With MyXR’s engagement platform, we can bring reward-based gamification to the interactions between AI beings and the audience, providing a unique user experience and deeper engagement.”

beingAI unveiled its first AI being called Zbee™ in August 2021, and plans to announce other characters in the coming months. AI being is both a novel category of virtual characters and a new user interface enabled by a proprietary technology platform that empowers AI beings to have engaging personalities, useful skills, and the ability to interact in real time across devices and media platforms. The company is creating its own AI being character intellectual properties (IPs), and building the platform and tools to enable brands and character IP owners to deploy custom AI beings with their own content and brand experiences in the future.

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