Accops VoIP Solution Helps Optimise Costs, Boosts Performance of Work-From-Home BPO Users

Accops VoIP Solution Helps Optimise Costs, Boosts Performance of Work-From-Home BPO Users

Accops Systems, a one-stop destination for all remote work requirements, has come up with a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that can deliver high-quality, wire-speed voice and customer data securely to call center executives working from home, enabling uninterrupted customer services and business processes from anywhere.

Using Accops solution for voice traffic, organizations can equip their remote workforce to attend to customer needs anytime, anywhere, using any device and any network, without worrying about any jitters, lags or call drops.

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Additionally, with the integrated Accops solution, enterprises can provide secure access to internal applications and customer information to work-from-home employees, to keep the business running.

“A person-to-person telephonic conversation is still the most preferred means for customers to communicate with a service provider, especially in case of an urgent or sensitive problem. The last thing any organization would want is to hang up on an unsatisfied customer. Thus, creating a robust infrastructure to make your customer-facing functions remote ready is essential to keep the flow of communication uninterrupted and ensure Business As Usual,” Vijender Yadav, CEO & Co-Founder, Accops.

For organizations, reliable communication plays a critical role in serving customers, supporting business processes, and generating revenues. In the current scenario when most of the employees are working remotely, organizations are using various mechanisms to allow remote access to CRM and other internal business applications.

Nevertheless, providing secure and reliable access to voice systems to make or receive customer calls, and ensuring a consistent user experience remain a major challenge.

Many organizations are looking at options like GSM-based or IP network-based connectivity to keep the communication channels between remote BPO executives and consumers open.

Though the GSM-based connectivity does provide real-time connectivity and a decent performance, cost of each call doubles up as any incoming call first goes to the customer voice center from where another call is automatically made to a remote user to connect him or her with the customer.

On the other hand, a typical IP network induces latency and jitters in the voice, causing unpleasant experience for both users and customers seeking help. Moreover, IP networks are not considered to be safe enough to carry voice traffic.

To optimize the costs, at least partially, enterprises have an option to move their VoIP systems from typical hardware-based platform to cloud-based telephony platform. But this is not an option that every organization can, or would like to, adopt. Also, the cloud-based solutions may not have enough security built into it.

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What organizations need is a secure and reliable solution with superlative voice performance to support customer services.

Accops securely delivers VoIP applications, whether running on a mobile phone or on a desktop PC, with encrypted voice connectivity, overcoming the limitations presented by other available solutions. It is a hybrid solution wherein business applications are delivered over a Layer-7 tunnel and voice traffic through a Layer-3 tunnel to provide a smooth, high-quality voice performance. The fast encryption method used by Accops reduces chances of latency and jitters in voice and guarantees a superlative performance.

Further, to allay the data leakage and data privacy concerns, Accops solution comes with out-of-the-box device entry control, multi-factor authentication and dynamic risk assessment features to help organizations mitigate challenges arising out of work-from-home scenario. It can also bind a user to an authorized device and prevent any kind of intentional or unintentional data leakage, ensuring compliance with DoT regulations and other data security guidelines.

Organizations remain in complete control of their data, even as users access corporate resources and voice from anywhere, using personal or corporate devices, over low bandwidth network.

“A number of leading Indian banks have already adopted the cost-effective superlative Accops solution, helping their customer support teams to go live with secure access to voice and customer data from their homes,” Yadav added.

Also, Accops provides VDI-based solutions which can be used to securely deliver business applications to users’ personal devices while voice traffic can travel through the encrypted tunnel.

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