4me Includes Amazon Chime for Remote Teams

4me Includes Amazon Chime for Remote Teams

Amazon Chime, a communications service from Amazon Web Services (AWS), is now available in the 4me service to make it easier for support specialists working from home to collaborate with their colleagues.  This makes it possible for specialists who are working on a request or task to quickly start a video call with another member of their team without first having to leave.

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Specialists who are working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic can make use of this new capability to collaborate more seamlessly with their colleagues.  Because they can also share their screens during a video call, they can quickly show what they need help with, or how a specific case can be resolved.


This new capability within the 4me service is called 4me Connect. It is available for all 4me customers on the 4me Premium pricing plan. There are no additional charges and no effort is required from customers to activate 4me Connect.

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4me Connect also makes it possible for specialists to chat with each other during video calls, which can be especially useful for sharing hyperlinks to specific 4me requests, problems, changes or projects.

Louis Sabbe, Operations Director at Savaco: “Even though all our support specialists already had access to other collaboration tools, having this capability within the service is really helpful. For example, when our service desk adds information to a request, and the specialist who picks up the request has a question, this specialist can see in the request that the analyst who added the information is currently available in 4me and can call this person without leaving the request. This increases our efficiency and reduces the time to resolution for our customers.”

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