List of Top Monero VPS Providers

Top Monero VPS Providers - Buy VPS with XMR

Top Monero VPS Providers

VPS servers provide an ideal solution for operating Monero masternodes as they provide high-speed, dependable hosting while offering users access to massive passive income streams they provide. However, not all VPS providers are equal.

Some provides its team of specialists 24/7 through multiple communication channels and has 60 global locations that span Europe, Asia and North America.

1. Rad Web Hosting

Rad Web Hosting was founded in 2015 by a team of web professionals who wanted to provide customers with an affordable and user-friendly hosting environment. In 2023, it’s still delivering reliable, quality hosting services to thousands of customers while keeping prices low.


Rad Web Hosting has always accepted cryptocurrency payments. That’s right. Since inception, beginning with Bitcoin payments, Rad Web Hosting has been a strong proponent for digital currencies. Today, they’re ranked as the top Monero VPS hosting provider globally.

Rad Web Hosting is a fast-growing hosting provider that sells cPanel web hosting, WordPress hosting, OpenCart hosting, KVM VPS, custom dedicated servers, and reseller packages. To date, it has deployed over 1,500 servers in its Tier 3 facilities in Dallas and Phoenix that boast fantastic connections with minimal latency.

2. XetHost

VPS (virtual private servers) are pieces of hardware designed to function like several individual servers, enabling you to install software independently and gain more control of your hosting environment. As such, VPSs offer businesses looking for increased speed, performance, and reliability an ideal hosting option.

VPS hosting is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized websites, offering faster speeds than shared hosting but at a reduced cost than dedicated. Furthermore, its highly scalable nature means you can increase RAM and storage as your site evolves. Lastly, VPS is more secure than shared hosting due to being separate from other users’ servers – helping prevent security breaches which could compromise the integrity of your site.

XetHost is a Hungarian company offering various VPS plans at competitive prices and accepting cryptocurrency payments. Additionally, their plans come equipped with unlimited data traffic and offer various operating systems like CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu; furthermore they also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as technical support services.

XetHost is an affordable and dependable hosting provider accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Their services include web hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server options – with cloud infrastructure making deployment and scaling easier than ever! Additionally, their customer service is available 24/7 making them a fantastic option for both novice and advanced developers alike. Their VPS plans come packed with features such as SSD storage space, fast network speeds and full root access with transparent pricing structure that makes pricing clear for anyone to understand. Furthermore, these servers feature Intel Xeon E5 CPUs to offer superior DDoS protection as well as additional services like SEO-optimized website hosting plans.

3. Hostiquette

Monero VPS providers boast various features, such as fast network connections and reliable infrastructure. Their servers can accommodate high traffic loads and resource-heavy applications with ease; support staff are on hand to find you the right solution. In addition, these providers also provide various security measures designed to shield websites against DDoS attacks or any other form of cyber threat, including firewalls, strong password policies and two-factor authentication – some even offer snapshot backups as a further deterrent against data loss.

VPS stands for virtual private server and provides more power and flexibility than shared hosting services. When selecting your host, it is important to consider factors like location of data center, server specifications, customer support level and price comparison before making your choice.


Paying with Monero as payment for VPS hosting can help to protect your privacy and anonymity online. Monero’s blockchain hides sender and recipient identities, making your transactions untraceable – ideal for individuals concerned about being tracked online such as activists or those trying to escape government oppression.

Monero makes paying for VPS hosting easy – simply navigate to your provider’s payment page and enter your monero address. From there, select a plan and receive instant activation of service. Most services only require email addresses as an entry point; some even offer Tor hosting which helps avoid censorship! Plus you can always change your address or IP number for added protection against traceback!

4. Mevspace

Mevspace has been offering hosting services for more than a decade. They are one of the leading virtualization solution providers on the Polish market, with container servers located only 40 kilometers from Warsaw for convenience in terms of service prices, security and telecom. Furthermore, their focus is energy independence with each server using only renewable resources as energy source.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is a premium option that gives users more control and visibility than shared web hosting, yet costs less than dedicated servers. VPSs consist of virtual partitions on physical servers with each having allocated hardware resources (RAM, CPU and HDD/SSD storage capacity) so the user has greater flexibility with regards to system specifications and guest operating systems that may be installed onto it.

Dedicated servers offer maximum hardware flexibility and transparency, along with the option to run bring-your-own-license software.

Mevspace offers AMD dedicated servers at highly competitive prices, and each model can be found listed on its respective page of its website, along with features like RAM, storage capacity, network bandwidth usage limit and RAID configuration capabilities. Mevspace accepts several payment methods – PayPal, Stripe and crypto via BitPay are among them – while it also provides free trials on some products.


VSYS is a Monero-friendly hosting service offering cost-effective VPS plans at multiple data centers. Support for various software is included free DNS management, SSH SSHD configuration and firewall rules are configured when needed and customers may also request additional hardware or bandwidth on demand if desired. VSYS strives to deliver fast connectivity and top-of-the-line security measures.

V Systems was designed for real-world use cases, providing users with everything they need to create, send, trade and track digital transactions in real time. It features two-factor authentication to protect against unauthorized access to wallets; additionally it uses blockchain encryption technology so your transactions cannot be traced or stolen – an ideal choice for hosting services that offer dedicated servers or high-performance VPS plans.

When selecting a provider for a Monero VPS, it’s essential to investigate their data center locations and services provided. When making your choice, look for multiple options with flexible plans that offer maximum flexibility; additionally, look for support in your preferred language that also comes with good reviews from former customers.

Packet Point provides low-cost VPS in multiple Canadian data centers while prioritizing customer privacy, not asking for personal details when signing up via Tor. Furthermore, they offer many other services, including shared hosting, dedicated servers, email hosting and even payment via Bitcoin Core among many other cryptocurrencies – making them one of the only providers who truly prioritize anonymity.

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