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I have changed the messaging on my Embrace.com inquiry forms several times. I have gone from offer-request language to price-request language, and I have tried other things in between. Because many of my higher value domain names do not have set pricing, I have moved away from request price language that promises a price in return for filling out the form. Instead, the form is more of an information request form.

When I respond to an inquiry, I provide a bit of information about the domain name so the buyer understands it is a valuable asset. I also request some information about the prospect. Here’s what I ask:

“Can you please tell me a little bit more about yourself and your interest in buying my domain name?”

In general, I am not using these questions as a means to price the domain name based on the buyer and her development plans. I am trying to learn more about the background of the prospective buyer and his plans because of the potential to structure a more unique deal. It can also be helpful in weeding out tire kickers that don’t have big plans for a valuable domain name asset.

Oftentimes, prospective buyers are a bit cagey about their plans. This can also provide a bit of insight, particularly if I am able to determine who the prospect is.

When it comes to hard to replace domain names, I want as much information as I can get in order to maximize the value of a domain name. Learning more about prospective buyers and their plans for my domain names is a good way to get helpful information.

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