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According to an article in Gizmodo and other news media outlets, Steve Wozniak is readying to launch a new space company called Privateer. He tweeted a short YouTube video about the the launch of Privateer, and the logo at the end of the video matches the one that appears on the brand match domain name.

In looking at the Whois record for in conjunction with a recent screenshot of the website prior to the launch of Privateer, it would appear to me that the domain name was acquired via If that is the case, it is unclear if the domain name was bought for a buy it now price or is being purchased with a payment plan option. George Kirikos shared this information on Twitter:

Current Whois records show that is now registered under Whois privacy at Metaregistrar BV. The domain name had been registered at GoDaddy until May of this year. Some domain names I have sold via have been transferred to this registrar. In fact, one of the two domain names I have sold via payment plan was transferred to Metaregistrar by I believe there is a relationship between Metaregistrar and, according to this article publish on

In addition to this, a screenshot captured by DomainTools’ in September of 2020 shows that appears to have been listed for sale with a $125,000 buy it now price. There is also an option to purchase this domain name with a payment plan for $2,709 per month. I don’t see any more recent screenshots or listings on to know if the price changed since then.

Regardless of how was acquired, it was a smart move for Wozniak to acquire the brand match domain name as he prepares the public launch of his new company.

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