Squadhelp: Buyers “4x More Likely to Google” Name Than Type It In

I’ve always been under the assumption that many prospective domain name buyers type the domain name into their browser to see what exists on the domain name. Having a “for sale” landing page or inquiry page can help facilitate a sale when a prospective buyer visits the domain name to see what exists on it. According to a Squadhelp, my assumption may not be the full picture.

Squadhelp CEO Darpan Munjal shared that a recent study from his company showed a prospective buyer is 4x as likely to search Google for a domain name than type it into their browser:

This could have a pretty big implication for domain investors. Ensuring that a domain name appears high in Google search results when that domain name is searched could help direct a prospective buyer to the landing page. Search engine optimization of my domain name inventory is not something I really considered because I didn’t think Google had any interest in indexing domain name landing pages.

Domain registrants who want to try to get their domain names indexed (highly) in Google results should do their due diligence when choosing how to utilize their domain name. If the domain name is parked, I would search Google for the domain name – or other domain names using the parking service – to see if Google ranks them. If I wanted to use a “for sale” landing page, I would do the same thing with names that utilize the same lander. This could show what is possible for that particular design or platform.

A domain name registrant may have little control over search optimization when using a third party service. Some platforms and services allow users to fully customize their landing pages with a focus on SEO optimization. Some services do not allow any customizations at all.

Getting solid search rankings isn’t something that is easy to achieve even if the landing pages are customized. A super generic domain name that is for sale would likely have serious SERP competition from developed websites that use similar domain names.

I have not read the Squadhelp study and do not know the context beyond what was tweeted. If the study results is applicable to all types of domain names, the SEO aspect of domain name utilization is something to think about.

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