Percent upgrades from to

Percent upgrades from to

This company’s domain upgrade shows the challenges of naming a company with a popular brand name.

Logo for has the word percent in an off white color

Percent is a platform that claims to offer greater transparency and liquidity to anyone looking to make alternative investments.

Since forming in 2018, Percent has been through at least two other domain names before settling on the formidable Starting out, Percent was known as Cadence and operated on the domain


Cadence seems to be a popular brand name, with Crunchbase listing 63 companies using Cadence as their brand name, while LinkedIn displays 918 company results for the term Cadence. From a domain perspective, Cadence is a competitive term.

DotDB shows that Cadence is registered in 159 extensions, and the keyword is present in a further 5,000 or so domains. is also very much off the market and in the hands of Cadence Design Systems, Inc., which also operates the @Cadence Twitter handle.

Could the popularity of Cadence as a brand name, along with the unavailability of key digital assets such as or the @Cadence Twitter handle, be part of the reason why Candence rebranded to Percent?

Percent, in comparison, seems to be less frequently used as a brand name, with Crunchbase displaying three companies using Percent as a brand name, with a further 30 occurrences where a company’s name contains Percent as part of its brand name.

The rebrand took place in April 2021, with Percent simultaneously announcing its new brand name and its receipt of $12.5 million in Series A funding. While Percent relaunched using, a name it likely purchased from BuyDomains, it ultimately upgraded to

Fortunately for Percent, the domain was for sale. According to, was listed for sale with Buckley Media, a brokerage company led by Kate Buckley. By June 2021, the domain name was being used by Percent, with forwarding to


Domain researcher Jamie Zoch shared details of the upgrade via Twitter, noting that Percent included a small announcement on its home page acknowledging the company’s switch from to

Unfortunately, neither Kate Buckley nor the buyer, Percent, could share details of Percent’s acquisition of

For a company offering investment opportunities online, a premium domain name is a key part of the company’s foundation. Aside from Percent, investment companies such as Public, Titan, and Forge have all made important domain upgrades.


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