No more sex, we’re British, says #OnlyFans :DomainGang

No more sex, we’re British, says #OnlyFans :DomainGang

No more sex, we’re British, says #OnlyFans

London-based OnlyFans built a fortune on collecting many pounds of naked flesh, but now it’s all changing.


Beginning in October, the porn-friendly platform will be booting such peddlers despite growing off the back of sex workers, who found a safe haven in the platform to charge their fans for access to explicit photos and videos.

“No more sex, we’re British,” appears to be the new motto of OnlyFans; it’s another demonstration of how important it is for anyone, sex workers included, to own and operate their own domain name.

By sharing an account on a third party platform that monetizes their assets and fame, adult workers are losing billions in commissions and their ability to reach their fan base, eventually.

OnlyFans scored $375 million dollars in 2020, according to Axios, but its adult side is scaring off investors.

What will be the next OnlyFans?


Most likely a platform that collects fees in a decentralized format, such as BTC or ETH. Already, Chaturbate, a Colombian adult platform [NSFW] that uses cryptocurrency as part of its payment system, is rubbing its hands in anticipation.

No more sex, we’re British, says #OnlyFans :DomainGang – Photo by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash

No more sex, we’re British, says #OnlyFans :DomainGang

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