NamesCon Global Moved to Late Spring 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to cause changes to events around the world. NamesCon just informed attendees that its largest annual domain investment industry conference – NamesCon Global – will be moved to “late Spring 2022.” NamesCon Global has been traditionally held each year in late January, with the last in-person conference taking place in Austin, Texas in January of 2020. NamesCon had been planning on hosting its NamesCon Global conference in January of 2022, but those plans are now scrapped.

The NamesCon Online event will still be held as planned from September 22-24, 2021. Tickets for the event are available to purchase online. Past online-only NamesCon events seem to be popular amongst industry participants.

Here is the announcement from NamesCon, along with a discount code link organizers shared for the upcoming virtual event:

It’s a good thing the domaining community is cool with change…

After long discussions, we have decided to move the traditional January NamesCon Global event to late spring 2022.

This means NamesCon Online in September 2021 will be the last chance to catch up with this amazing community for a slightly longer stretch than we would have thought.

The current COVID situation does not allow us to properly plan an in-person event like NamesCon Global.

Increasing case counts, uneven vaccine rollouts, and varying border and quarantine restrictions: We can’t expect anyone to reliably plan travel to the US for January. Without international guests, attendee and exhibitor numbers would suffer drastically—and of course the experience would be much less fun and productive.

So rather than plan something as complex as NamesCon Global just to have to cancel it, we as a team have decided to push the next physical NamesCon event later into 2022.

So now we hope even more that you will join us for our online event, September 22-24. We completely understand that after a year and a half of slogging through the pandemic you’re longing for an in-person experience—because so are we—but no way are we letting a microscopic virus divide this wonderful domaining family! So let us at least offer a small discount to help you decide to do another virtual event and register here to save 10%.

If you have any feedback or wishes for our upcoming events, please reach out to one of us any time.

We appreciate you, and thank you for going on this journey with us.

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