My sale of and how it got resold the same day

My sale of and how it got resold the same day

Someone was front running me, hahahaha.

It was funny looking at the Sedo sales report from two weeks ago, I saw the name sold for $3,888. I was like 9/9 for $3,888 at Sedo???

I was like I just sold the name at DAN

From Dan Domain Marketplace on 2021-09-09 7:56 am

Hi Raymond, We just received the payment for the domain name from edited out for privacy purposes! To get paid out faster it is advised to login to your account and provide us with more details about how you’d like us to manage the transfer.

What was funny was that when the domain name got transferred I got an email from Namecheap and the name was not that of the buyer at DAN. So I was like hmmm, maybe this guy was buying for his company and the name in the Namecheap email is that of the owner.

The buyer at DAN was from Egypt and the buyer on Sedo is apparently out of Oakland, California. The buyer is XQ Message which runs on Funny they own the .com too but redirect it to the .co.


I purchased the Name on the expiry auction at for $95. had sold back in 2015 at Uniregistry for $3,200. The buyer let it expire and I picked it up on the last day of the expiry Dutch Auction two months ago.

The initial offer on DAN was $1,500 and I declined, the buyer came back that all he had was just $100 more and I was looking to buy a couple things so I decided to let it go. The name meant little to me I picked it up for a quick flip. The renewal would be $82.50 a year.

So kudos to the front runner they were able to arbitrage the deal and make a couple grand. Crazy business.

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