Is Frank Schilling a billionaire? :DomainGang

Is Frank Schilling a billionaire?

Frank Schilling is perhaps the most successful domain entrepreneur in recent memory.

The Uniregistry founder sold the bulk of his domain portfolio, along with Uniregistry to GoDaddy last year; since then, Frank Schilling has switched the scope of his investments to real estate development in the Cayman Islands. Frank Schilling is also expanding into air port ventures and condominium development.

The Cayman press covers Frank’s activities quite often, and in one of these articles Frank Schilling is ranked as a billionaire!

Is Frank Schilling a billionaire? :DomainGang

Frank Schilling – Video still courtesy of the Cayman Compass

This reference surprised us, and it was in this article that the reference was made:

Surge in property sales on the Sister Islands – […] recent activity – including proposals by billionaire Frank Schilling for a new village and marina on the Brac and a recent application from Peppercorn Investments for a resort on Little Cayman […] suggest rising enthusiasm from developers.

So is Frank Schilling a billionaire, as opposed to “simply” a millionaire?

As far as we can tell, the only billionaire based in the Cayman Islands is Kenneth Dart, according to Wikipedia.

It seems that such net worth is the exception vs. the rule for the Cayman Islands, however, and we are almost certain that Frank Schilling’s net worth is “only” half way to billionaire status, currently.

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