Here’s a rhyming table for 0-4 for numeric domains

Here’s a rhyming table for 0-4 for numeric domains

Kassey Lee provides his rhyming tables, which could be helpful for investing in numeric domains.

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You may wonder how I can often find Chinese meanings for numeric domains (up to 4N). The foundation is a rhyming table that I have developed.

The rhyming table contains the numbers from 0 to 9 and Pinyin words that rhyme with them. I have explained the actual process of finding Chinese meanings in the article “Why rhyming makes certain numeric domains valuable“, using 7732 as an example.

The article contains only a small set of my rhyming table, but I’d like to share with you the entire table in two parts. Below is the first part, covering the numbers from 0 to 4. The next part will cover the numbers from 5 to 9.

Number: 0

Pinyin Chinese Meaning
Lin Neighbor
Lin Rent
Lin Forest
Ling Command
Ling Spirit
Ling Rise high
Ling Fungus
Ling Small bell
Ling Mountain range
Ling Antelope
Ling Tomb
Ling Other
Ling Listen
Ling Lead
Ling Zero
Ling Age
Ni You
Ning Peaceful
Ying Win

Number: 1

Pinyin Chinese Meaning
Yao Waist
Yao Want
Yao Shake
Yao Witch
Yao Invite
Yao Medicine
Yao Bite
Yao 耀 Glorious
Yi Already
Yi 亿 100 million
Yi Benefit
YI He or she
Yi Suitable
Yi Harmony
Yi Use
Yi Justice
Yi Depend on
Yi Medical
Yi Idea
Yi Easy
Yi Clothes
Yi Translate
Yi One

Number: 2

Pinyin Chinese Meaning
A Ah
Ai Love
An Push
An Safe
E Goose
E 饿 Hungry
Er Ear
Er Son
Er Two
Er Bait
Er Near
Er Pearl or jade earring
Er You
Er And

Number: 3

Pinyin Chinese Meaning
San Loose
San Three
San Umbrella
Shan Virtuous
Shan Dodge
Shan Fan into a flame
Shan Good at
Shan Delete
Shan Meals
Shan Garment
Shan Coral
Shan Mountain
Shan Fan
Shang Go up
Shang Business
Shen God
Sheng Life
Xiang Think
Xiang Mutual

Number: 4

Pinyin Chinese Meaning
Shi Teacher
Shi Generation
Shi Affair
Shi Power
Shi Scholar
Shi Market
Shi Try
Shi Time
Shi Yes
Shi Stone
Shi Show
Shi View
Shi Real
Si Think
Si Death
Si Resemble
Si Four
Si Manage
Si Private
Si Silk
Si Eat
Xi Drama

Check back soon for my rhyming guide for 5-9.

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