Hackers claim significant Epik breach

Hackers claim significant Epik breach

A group claims that it has hacked Epik and downloaded significant data.

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An anonymous group said it has hacked domain name registrar Epik and downloaded significant data.

A group says it has hacked domain name registrar Epik and released a trove of data online.

A posting (see PDF version) claims that the hackers gained access to data about all domain purchases, transfers, all Whois history (unredacted), all email forwards, account credentials for customers, internal systems, and a lot more.

I have not independently verified the veracity of the claims, nor reviewed the large file the hackers released. I reached out to Epik CEO Rob Monster this morning to ask for a comment but did not immediately hear back. At the time of publishing, Epik has not posted anything to its blog, news page, or official twitter account regarding the apparent incident.

However, Monster responded to one of the people who tweeted about the hack yesterday, linking to a domain registered at Epik that says negative things about the person who posted the link. The tweet states, “Chad – I know that you are keen to get a client of Epik to take down a damning URL that does not reveal your highest self. I try hard to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but your latest tactic needs to stop right now.”

It’s unclear if Monster is suggesting that the person had anything to do with the hack, and the tweet doesn’t deny that Epik was hacked.

The apparent hack appears to be in response to Epik being a favored registrar for far-right sites. The hack notice states:


You know, when you name a company “Epik”,
that implies something really big’s going to happen.
Deserving of the name.
Well, after years of bolstering the worst trash the Internet has to offer,
this is, truly, the Epik moment we’ve all been waiting for.

It also mentions recent efforts to take down an anti-abortion website.

Epik came under fire this month when a Texas anti-abortion group moved its “whistleblower” domain name to Epik after GoDaddy asked it to leave. Epik quickly shut the site down too. Epik said the site, which asked people to submit information about people in Texas getting abortions, violated its terms and asked the group to remove the content.

I will update this post if Epik or Monster responds.

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