expires and goes for $86,000 at GoDaddy expires and goes for $86,000 at GoDaddy was registered back in 1993 and taking a look at was the website for a company called Gold Standard back in 2006. They were founded in 1993.

In 2006 Elsevier, a world-leading healthcare and scientific publisher, announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the entire share capital of Gold Standard, Inc., a US-based developer of online clinical drug information products, services and solutions to the healthcare market.

In 2013 shows a landing page with the following:

Website for sale

Please contact Simon Morgan

Thank You

The domain name then just sat at a GoDaddy landing page with no name but the address 302 Knights Run Ave, Suite 800 Tampa, FL 33602.

This was an office of Elsevier. Another big company letting an asset just expire, of course to keep things real, $86,000 is a rounding error for a company that did 2.64 billion GBP in revenue.

It’s good to be GoDaddy, you get $86,000 for a day after $82,000 for

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