Epik continues to bash GoDaddy. GoDaddy says this is why it dropped Epik

Epik continues to bash GoDaddy. GoDaddy says this is why it dropped Epik

Epik suggests reasons why GoDaddy might have dropped Epik from its Afternic program, and GoDaddy responds.

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When PayPal notified Epik in October that it was terminating its services with the domain name registrar, Epik fired off letters blaming a number of organizations for the move. One of the companies that drew its ire was GoDaddy. Epik published attacks against the domain name registrar and provided contact information for many of its employees.

The next month, GoDaddy terminated its Afternic partnership with Epik, apparently catching Epik by surprise.

Epik went public about the termination, apparently violating the contract it signed with GoDaddy in doing so. Epik seemed to tie GoDaddy’s decision to a number of factors, and oddly questioned receiving GoDaddy’s letter “two hours after the election was called for Joe Biden.”

Yesterday, Epik published another letter about the Afternic termination. It argued that one of the factors leading to the termination was that Epik was reporting security issues with the platform.

I reached out to GoDaddy yesterday to see if the company would provide any information about its decision to terminate the partnership with Epik.

Paul Nicks, GoDaddy VP, Domains – Investors and Corporate, issued this statement in response:

Once again, Epik has lobbed baseless accusations against us. To be crystal clear, Epik has not provided us with reports of “repeated Afternic security issues.” If anyone has any concerns about our systems, we work closely with them to answer any questions or resolve issues. This is how a real partnership works.

The reason Epik was dropped has everything to do with their constant attacking of us. We don’t feel the need to partner with someone who time and time again casually lies about a wide variety of issues.

We will not be providing further statements on their business, and reserve the right to explore any and all possible legal options to defend against their baseless claims.

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