“Domain Companies” is now a registered trademark :DomainGang

“Domain Companies” is now a registered trademark :DomainGang

“Domain Companies” is now a registered trademark

Domainers, take notice: using the term “domain companies” from now on might be infringing on a newly registered trademark.

As we wrote about in April, the mark DOMAIN COMPANIES was applied for registration at the USPTO. The registration is complete, and as of July DOMAIN COMPANIES is a registered trademark for the following services:

Real estate services, namely, leasing, financing, management and rental of apartments, condominiums, residential housing, and facilities and amenities relating thereto; real estate services, namely, rental, leasing and management of commercial retail and office space

Real estate development and construction of commercial and residential properties

The use of the term “domain” to signify a physical space or area is not new; in fact, it’s the original use of the term. But to see the two common terms, “domain” and “companies” form a new, non-descriptive term that defines a brand is definitely news.

The generic use of the terms “domain companies” identify companies, big or small, that operate in the domain investing, development, and branding marketplace. All domainers that form a “domain company” better be aware of the mark, although the “companies” part is disclaimed at the mark’s registration.

From the inside looking out, “domain companies” will continue to describe the corporations that are active in the domain space, such as Sedo, ESQwire, DAN.com, and other great sponsors of our publication. From the outside looking in, “domain companies” is now a registered trademark describing real estate services.

“Domain Companies” is now a registered trademark :DomainGang

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“Domain Companies” is now a registered trademark :DomainGang

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