BrandForce Sells for $3,144,000

I just learned about the third largest publicly reported domain name sale of 2021. According to an email I received from BrandForce Co-Founder & Vice President Louis Pickthall, BrandForce sold the domain name for $3,144,000. Louis and Senior Broker Stephen Byrne brokered this house-owned domain name, and the closed deal was transacted via Once confirmed and charted by DNJournal, it will become the 11th seven figure (publicly reported) domain name sale of the year to date.

The buyer of is not publicly known at this point. The domain name is registered under Whois privacy, and the buyer’s generic Shopify-powered website has been launched. This website does not give away any details about the buyer’s identity, but I will keep an eye out for any type of public launch announcement in the future.


Early this year, I noticed the BrandForce website and was very impressed with the company’s inventory. BrandForce owns a significant number of one word .com domain names, and I like its Efty-powered website. According to the email I received announcing the sale of, BrandForce “has already surpassed $15m USD” in domain name sales revenue this year.

One BrandForce sale that I do not believe was publicly reported is the sale of Shortly after the acquisition, the company that acquired the domain name was advertising on the ice during the National Hockey League playoffs. Perhaps this sale price will be revealed at some point in the future. I can only assume that sale is part of the $15m in revenue achieved so far.

The $3.144 million sale of will rank as the third largest publicly reported domain name sale of the year behind the $3.3 million sale of and the $3.15 million sale of The sale was also added to the list of recent one word .com domain name sales I maintain at


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