Another quality expiring at GoDaddy – Where will it close?

Another quality expiring at GoDaddy – Where will it close?

A couple days ago it was expiring and closing at $86,000 and now another three letter .com is expiring

at GoDaddy. A great letter combo for sure. According to DotDB it’s registered in 197 extensions. Compare that to a Niq which is registered in 60, or even a BDE at 118.

On June 1, 2004, Bear Stearns Asset Management Inc. (BSAM), a separate and wholly-owned subsiduary of The Bear Stearns Companies, Inc., acquired the private equity specialty finance business of BDC Financial, Inc., a private equity investment business based in Boston, MA.

The domain name started redirecting to, the Business Development Bank of Canada. Interestingly enough ICANN suspended the name for a period of time.

Why this domain has been suspended

Email address has not been verified.
This is a new domain registration and the Registrant email address has not been verified.


The Registrant contact data for this domain was modified but still requires verification.
Specifically the First Name, Last Name and/or email address have been changed and never verified.

It stayed that for years but now looks like they have made an oversight and letting a valuable domain name expire.

I am going to do one our where does it close questions, winner get $20 Paypal. The auction Ends at 9/14/2021 5:23 PM (EDT)


You have til 9/12/21 10 pm Eastern to leave a comment, plenty of time for the auction to run so no one can game it by bidding the day before.


Leave your legitimate email address because that’s how you will be contacted if you win.

$20 will be paid in Paypal

I will not make a donation in your name, (I will Paypal you and you can make a donation if you like).

If the auction closes before 9/14/21 and is cancelled there will be no winner.

The person bidding the closest to the closing price wins, the first person who picks an amount gets that amount, so it’s your responsibility if you bid $10,000 and someone else already bid $10,000.

Good luck

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