$50K Buyer of NFT3.com revealed

$50K Buyer of NFT3.com revealed

Back in June I wrote about NFT3.com selling for $50,000 at Sedo. The domain name was registered in 2017 and dropped after one year. It was then registered in 2019 and dropped after one year.

Third time was the charm after two Chinese registrants allowed the domain name to drop. There is now a site up on NFT3.com.

The website dubs NFT3 as The First Unified Virtual Identity Network for Web 3.0. NFT3s will become a direct monetization path for individuals to associate value on their terms with various aspects of their data journeys through life with different projects, individuals, social networks, companies, and institutions.

I cannot say I am an expert in this field but the site looks interesting. You can see their roadmap for the next year and when they expect to hit each milestone for the rollout.

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