24 end user domain name sales including a big .xyz

24 end user domain name sales including a big .xyz

An ecommerce company, a blockchain company and a law firm bought domain names.

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Sedo had a strong week for end user domain sales, led by a company that just raised $6.7 million using some of the money to upgrade its domain name.


Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.

Homesome.com $59,999 – Homesome, Inc. helps grocery stores with their ecommerce businesses. It just raised a $6.7 million series A and upgraded its domain from GetHomesome.com.

Flip.xyz $27,888 – This is one of Swetha Yenugula’s recent sales. The buyer is a DeFi/blockchain company.

iRaffle.com $25,000 and Prize.co $5,000 – Both of these domains forward to Raffle.com.au, a site that operates charitable raffles in Australia. Prize.co seems like a bargain.

Nfund.com €15,000 – N Fund is a venture capital fund.

Datawords.cn €8,000 – Datawords is an international digital marketing firm. It forwards the .cn domain to its website at Datawords.com.

Donda.org $7,995 – Shadowserve is an IT company in the UK, so this is probably for a client.

NotGuilty.law $5,800 – This domain forwards to a website for Rose Law.

CryptoIsland.com $5,500 – If I understand this correctly, this will be some sort of cryptocurrency deal in a metaverse…but with a physical location. The business uses the domain CryptoIsland.group.

ClanWars.com $5,000 – Clan Wars is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game.

Evonomy.com $5,000 – Evonomy offers technical & commercial services for vehicle, system, component, and semiconductor solutions.

AirConditioningOnline.com $4,000 – Airconditioning-Online, an Australian air conditioner seller, uses the domain airconditioning-online.com.au

HTV.ca $3,500 – According to the skeleton site on the domain now, this stands for “Heat Transfer Vinyl”


Lamellendach.com $3,499 – VIL Bausysteme GmbH sells outdoor patios and sun rooms. This domain translates as louvered roof in German.

BinaryCortex.com $3,110 – I can’t find any information about BinaryCortex LLC, which bought the domain.

FVbank.com $2,999 – FV Bank in Puerto Rico uses the domain FVbank.us.

Streamline.ch $2,990 – Voice communications and IT company Streamline AG uses the domain StreamlineAG.ch.

Wordell.com $2,611  – Wordell is a marketing agency.

Yuicery.ch €2,600 – Yuicery is a restaurant chain with most of its locations in Germany. It uses the domain Yuicery.de but also owns the matching .com.

25×25.com €2,500 – 25×25, an initiative to increase the number of women CEOs in UK businesses, uses the domain 25×25.uk.

VaultChip.com €2,500 – Based on trademark applications, it appears that Sparx Novate LLC is involved with electronic health records, vaccine passports, and similar medical data information transfer.

SofabedStore.com $2,500 – SETS Group LLC is a furniture importer in New Jersey.

Solver.ch €2,250 – Tax consulting firm Solver Advisory uses the domain name solver-advisory.ch.

Kamur.com $2,200 – Ka-Mur Beverages Limited in Egypt bought this domain.

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