Pre-Integrated Racks Can Reduce Solution Deployment Time

A new white paper from ASA Computers examines the factors that can add time and complexity to designing and building racks. The white paper also explores how pre-integrated racks can reduce solution deployment times. 

Pre-integrated racks

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Customer expectations have changed with the ubiquity of same day or next day delivery. Today, instant gratification is available at the click of a button. According to a ASA Computers, this mindset now “extends to enterprises and lines of business. For IT, this translates into frequent, urgent requests for deployment of services.” Unfortunately, according to the white paper, the complexity of integrating new equipment into a rack can equate to long lead times for the deployment of those new services or solutions.

IT teams must overcome both deployment and management challenges. When designing a rack, power, performance, heat management, and scalability must all be considered and properly balanced. Ongoing management presents another set of challenges. The authors note that “without an integrated view, it can be tricky to determine whether an element or something on which it depends is the source of an issue, and
this can make troubleshooting and regular maintenance difficult. In addition, lack of integrated tools makes enabling predictive failure
alerts almost impossible, leading to costly downtime.”

“Enterprises can reduce the amount of time it takes to deploy new solutions from weeks to hours and simplify ongoing management — all without tying up scarce IT resources — by turning to factory integration.” – ASA Computers, “The Need for Speed: How Pre-Integrated Racks Accelerate Solution Deployment

In the white paper, ASA concludes that pre-integrated racks can solve both deployment speed and ongoing management issues. Because these racks arrive optimized directly from the factory, “all enterprise IT needs to do is roll the rack into the data center, connect it to power, and energize it with network connectivity,” according to the authors. “Custom-built for each customer, these pre-integrated racks provide the agility and flexibility required to expand and pivot, as future needs require.”

The paper includes a brief overview of Racklive, a division of ASA Computers. Racklive designs turnkey data center solutions that “can reduce deployment of complex systems to hours and enable unified, ongoing lifecycle management,” giving IT teams a competitive advantage.

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