Podcast: Enterprise IT Adapts to a Pandemic-Altered Landscape

What’s ahead for the data center industry in 2021? Our topic today is how enterprise IT will adapt to the changed landscape created by the COVID19 pandemic, and why this will matter to data center professionals and end users.

DCF Podcast Episode 12: The Enterprise Adapts to a Changed IT Landscape

This is the first in a series of broadcasts outlining the Eight Trends That Will Shape the Data Center in 2021. In 2020, when cloud technology enabled society to retool to survive the pandemic. As the world slowly defines the contours of the “next normal” in its battle with COVID-19, flexibility and resiliency are the business attributes that will matter most. Many organizations are not yet wired for this.

The pandemic-driven IT modernization is a continuation of the enterprise shift from on-premises legacy IT to more agile cloud technologies in third-party data centers. This has been a long, gradual process, but the pandemic has provided a “seismic jolt” to these efforts.

Listen to today’s show:

Bonus Resources

Here are links to the additional resources on enterprise IT trends that I mentioned in the podcast:

  • The Year Ahead in Enterprise IT Spending: In our Data Center Executive Roundtable, six veteran industry executives assess the outlook for enterprise IT spending as the COVID-19 pandemic extends into 2021.
  • The Enterprise Cloud Shift Will Accelerate in 2021 The COVID19 pandemic is likely to hasten the migration of enterprise IT equipment out of on-premises data centers and into data centers operated by cloud service providers and colocation specialist, according to IDC.

Be sure to check our our free Annual Forecast, outlining the DCF take on the most important trends to watch this year:

Podcast: Enterprise IT Adapts to a Pandemic-Altered Landscape 1

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