How to Increase Data Center Reliability and Monetization Opportunities

A new white paper from INNIO explores three primary benefits that data center operators can see with the deployment of fast-start natural gas generators: increased data center reliability, reduced emissions, and opportunities to monetize stranded assets.

Data center reliability

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Data center energy usage has been on a sharp upward trend in recent years, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. According to Innio, “despite efficiency gains over time, with the global expansion of data centers, electricity demand continues to grow. Individual data centers or campuses can require hundreds of megawatts to meet their power supply needs.”

At the same time data centers are grappling with this demand for more energy, the grid has been adding renewables to the energy mix. According to the author, this can be problematic for data centers because “wind and solar are intermittent generation resources, meaning the amount of electricity they generate can vary widely and quickly.” This can result in some power stability and data center reliability issues.

“As the electric grid decarbonizes with an increasing use of renewables, the need will be greater for fast-start resources to provide balancing and ancillary service solutions.” – INNIO “A Reliable, Greener Solution That Helps Monetize Your Assets.”

According to the INNIO, quick-start natural gas generators can provide three primary benefits to data centers. First, they provide reliability. “Natural gas-powered generators provide cutting edge
performance for data centers,” according to the author. “Built-in storage with the highly reliable natural gas grid avoids the risks of limited run times and refueling.” The paper includes a number of charts that illustrate reliability over time.

The second benefit to having quick-start natural gas generators on site is that they “can lower a data center’s emissions.” The paper sites reductions of 80% to 90% for NOx and up to 25% for carbon dioxide (CO2).

The final benefit discussed in the paper is that natural gas generators provide new monetization opportunities for data centers. The author explains that natural gas generators provide data center operators with the chance to “engage in demand response, curtailable tariffs and/or emergency standby participation –all while avoiding coincident peak charges.”

Download the full report to learn more about how quick-start natural gas generators can benefit your data center.

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