GAMMA Community Program Awards Three Inspiring Projects with Funding of up to €100,000

Gamma Community Start Campus

Start Campus, the driving force behind the ambitious SINES Hyperscale Data Center project, recently hosted the inaugural award ceremony for the GAMMA Community Program. The award ceremony recognized exceptional community initiatives that have been selected for funding. The Gamma Community Program aims to support projects in the areas of educational development, environment, community, and entrepreneurship. With a total of €100,000 available, three deserving projects emerged victorious, each receiving substantial financial support.


In first place, the Gamma award went to Saudável_Mente: Promoting Mental Health and Well-being:

Claiming the first-place position with an overwhelming 51.7% of the votes, #saudável_mente is an inspirational project spearheaded by ESPIGA – Cooperativa de Solidariedade Social. The project seeks to enhance mental health skills and well-being among individuals. ESPIGA will receive €49,500, which will be directed towards the Sines Children’s Center “A Conchinha.” The initiative aims to implement a socio-emotional skills development program, fostering improved educational opportunities and quality for the children in the center’s care.

Additionally, the underused outdoor space of the center will be transformed into a haven of sustainable learning and play. Vegetable gardens, an orchard, a rainwater harvesting cistern, a compost bin, and a playground will be established, creating an engaging environment that promotes sustainability, healthy eating, and environmental consciousness in a playful manner.

Second place was awarded to: Saúde: Social Physiotherapy at Home for the Elderly

Securing second place with 37.9% of the votes, the + Saúde project, led by Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Sines (SCMS), aims to provide home physiotherapy services to the elderly in the Sines region. The project requested €46,205.55 in funding and was awarded €41,585. With this financial boost, SCMS will ensure that elderly individuals can receive much-needed physiotherapy care within the comfort and familiarity of their homes. This initiative acknowledges the importance of supporting the elderly population and their well-being.

Third place went to: Maré de Ciência: Fostering Dialogue Between Scientists and Students


The third-place winner, Maré de Ciência, captured 6.4% of the votes. Developed by Cartas com Ciência, a non-profit association focused on facilitating dialogue between scientists and students from low-income communities in Portuguese-speaking countries, this project promotes the exchange of letters between these two groups. By encouraging communication and knowledge-sharing, Maré de Ciência strives to inspire and educate young minds. The project requested funding of €15,000 and was awarded €8,915, which will aid in expanding its reach and impact.

Supporting Implementation and Community Benefit:

The GAMMA Community Program, in its inaugural edition, not only provides financial support but also offers technical assistance to ensure the successful implementation of the winning projects. Start Campus is committed to supporting these initiatives on the ground, enabling them to create meaningful and lasting change within the communities they serve.

About Start Campus and the SINES Project:

Start Campus is at the forefront of the SINES Hyperscale Data Center project, an extensive data center campus with a capacity of up to 495 MW. Valued at up to €3.5 billion, this development will be one of Europe’s largest data center campuses and will cater to the rising demand from prominent international technology companies. By 2028, the project is expected to generate up to 1,200 highly skilled direct jobs and 8,000 indirect jobs. Located in Sines, the project benefits from strategic advantages such as seawater cooling systems, access to a high-voltage power grid, and connectivity.

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