Chesterfield Valley: How Bluebird Network is Transforming the St. Louis Metro Area

Chesterfield Valley: How Bluebird Network is Transforming the St. Louis Metro Area

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Chesterfield, the suburb west of St. Louis, Missouri, has a population hovering at the 50,000 mark. After a devastating flood in 1993, the area is building back better than ever. Chesterfield is currently home to the Spirit of St. Louis public airport. 


While several new businesses of all types are moving into the area, the increasing presence of tech companies over the past few years has led to the area’s new nickname — Chesterfield Valley — an homage to the tech hub in California, Silicon Valley. 

Bluebird Network saw an opportunity in the growing tech community forming in Chesterfield, especially as they learned more about the area. When it came to fiber, Chesterfield was restricted to only one provider for years. Eventually, another provider offered fiber to the city, but customers still lacked an abundance of choice. Once Bluebird began offering fiber, businesses in Chesterfield quickly learned what sets Bluebird apart from other providers.

 “They’re using us because of how easy it’s been to do the installation, the communication, the coordination,” Rich Weatherby, Bluebird’s Enterprise Sales Director, said about their Chesterfield customers. “It’s a pure customer service and support decision on why they’re using us and getting away from the other carriers.” 


Chesterfield’s growth continues, as several large projects are currently underway in the city.  

“As you drive down the highway corridor through this area, you can’t help but see the construction that’s going on,” Weatherby said. “There’s a lot of manufacturing that’s done out there, and they’re all looking for the capacity and connectivity that we’re going to be able to bring them.” 

Bluebird is going beyond being just a service provider for communities in its home state of Missouri. Bluebird’s community involvement includes work with TechSTL, a new tech council for the St. Louis area to network and catalyze the St. Louis metro’s tech industry. Bluebird has also donated to BioSTL, a St. Louis nonprofit that creates initiatives for startups, entrepreneurs and venture capital presence in the city. 

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