AVAIO Capital: Revolutionizing the Approach to Data Center Siting

AVAIO Capital: Revolutionizing the Approach to Data Center Siting
AVAIO Capital: Revolutionizing the Approach to Data Center Siting

In a recent interview with Pulse 2.0, Mark McComiskey, founding Partner of AVAIO Capital

and manager of AVAIO Digital Partners, shed light on the firm’s innovative approach to data center siting, development, and investment. AVAIO, a build-to-core infrastructure investment firm, is making waves in the $250 billion data center location market with its unique strategy and focus on sustainability.

McComiskey emphasized AVAIO Digital‘s commitment to developing data centers in locations that offer both economic and environmental advantages. The firm’s approach involves identifying sites with abundant renewable energy resources, reducing carbon footprint and providing cost-effective power solutions for data center operations.

Strategic Site Selection

One of AVAIO’s standout projects is the development of a large-scale data center campus in Normandy, France. This location was strategically chosen for its access to abundant, renewable energy sources and its proximity to major European markets. The project highlights AVAIO’s dedication to creating sustainable, efficient data center solutions that meet the growing demand for digital infrastructure.

AVAIO’s investment strategy goes beyond traditional metrics, incorporating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into their decision-making process. This approach allows the firm to deliver value to investors while also contributing to the broader goals of sustainability and responsible development in the data center industry.


McComiskey also highlighted AVAIO’s focus on emerging markets and underserved regions. By identifying opportunities in areas with growing digital needs but limited existing infrastructure, AVAIO is helping bridge the digital divide and support economic development in these regions.

Innovative Cooling and Future Outlook

The interview revealed AVAIO’s forward-thinking approach to data center cooling solutions. The firm is exploring innovative technologies such as liquid cooling and heat reuse systems, which improve energy efficiency and open up possibilities for beneficial heat utilization in nearby communities.

As the data center industry continues to evolve, AVAIO Capital stands out as a leader in sustainable and strategic infrastructure development. Their approach addresses the immediate needs of the digital economy and paves the way for a more environmentally responsible and economically viable future for data centers worldwide.

With its innovative strategies and commitment to sustainability, AVAIO Capital is undoubtedly a company to watch in the rapidly growing data center market. As digital infrastructure demands continue to surge, firms like AVAIO will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the industry, balancing growth with environmental responsibility and economic efficiency.

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