7 Considerations in a Global Data Center Strategy

7 Considerations in a Global Data Center Strategy

A new white paper from Iron Mountain provides seven key considerations for organizations looking to build a strong global data center strategy, including site selection risk factors, power infrastructure, and connectivity.

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According to Iron Mountain, both smaller organizations and large hyperscale customers need to have a strong global data center strategy. For smaller organizations, a strong plan with the right colocation partner will allow you to quickly expand and scale your operations across the globe. They say that “if you’re a global hyperscale customer, it’s important to be able to work with a data center partner that can ensure your requirements are consistently met on all continents.”

The paper presents seven key considerations, the first of which is picking the right site by understanding the area’s risk factors. Weather events, earthquakes, and political stability are some of the site selection variables you should consider. The next consideration the paper presents is around hub selection, or finding a provider that has a global platform that meets your needs. They recommend you “apply the same rigorous assessment for each new continental hub that you did for your first data center.”

After the primary site selection and hubs are evaluated, you’ll want to look at the availability, cost, and type of power available. According to the paper, you should ensure that the location has enough power to meet your needs, and that you understand the cost of that power. This includes understanding the provider’s commitment to sustainability and green energy.

“Look for a combination of low design PUE (power usage effectiveness) and modern facilities with the latest cooling designs and water use. Picking a location with efficient design can save a significant amount of energy cost over the long term.” – Iron Mountain, “How to Build a Global Data Center Strategy

The fourth consideration revolves around connectivity, and finding a colocation partner that “ensures a rich networking ecosystem that enables you to build interconnections at cost, and scale as your requirements change.”

It’s also key to your data center strategy to partner with a provider that gives you the ability to expand globally, according to Iron Mountain. Consistency and the global ambition of potential colocation partners are also among the seven keys to consider.

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