ZoomInfo Announces Its First Integrations With Chorus.ai

ZoomInfo Announces Its First Integrations With Chorus.ai

Integrations Strengthen Prospect and Customer Relationships Through a Data-First Approach for Revenue Teams Using ZoomInfo and Chorus

ZoomInfo a global leader in modern go-to-market software, data, and intelligence, announced the first available integrations between ZoomInfo and Chorus.ai, a ZoomInfo company and a leader in Conversation Intelligence.

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ZoomInfo Announces Its First Integrations With Chorus.ai 1

In July, ZoomInfo acquired Chorus to enhance ZoomInfo’s vision to deliver a modern go-to-market platform that allows companies to easily identify their target markets and grow their businesses with insight-driven engagement.


Customers can now transcribe and analyze calls taken in ZoomInfo Engage, access Chorus’ Momentum Insights within ZoomInfo, and unlock ZoomInfo’s business-to-business data and insights within Chorus’ conversation intelligence platform. These integrations enable revenue teams to develop stronger prospect and customer relationships, make more informed decisions, and win more business.

“Since announcing ZoomInfo’s acquisition of Chorus just last month, our team has made great strides in seamlessly making key features of the Chorus platform available to our customers,” said Henry Schuck, ZoomInfo Founder and CEO. “These integrations will allow sales, marketing, and operations teams to instantly use both ZoomInfo and Chorus to expand their pipelines via a data-first approach that they can’t get with any other platform on the market.”

ZoomInfo and Chorus customers who use Salesforce can leverage the dialer function in ZoomInfo Engage – ZoomInfo’s sales engagement solution – to automatically save call recordings to their Salesforce account and push them to Chorus for call transcription and analysis. Teams can then listen to previous conversations, learn from them, win business, and repeat these actions across all prospect and customer deals.


Chorus’ innovative Momentum Insights, which provides relationship intelligence, is now available within ZoomInfo, Chorus, and Salesforce, deepening ZoomInfo’s vision for providing intelligence directly where prospects and customers work. Combined Chorus and ZoomInfo users can now view conversation and relationship insights within the ZoomInfo platform for better visibility and management of their prospect and customer pipeline.

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ZoomInfo is now the primary data enrichment source for the Chorus platform, populating prospect and customer contacts, titles, and more with ZoomInfo’s best-in-class intelligence. Replacing Chorus’ enrichment data source with ZoomInfo data has resulted in 33 percent higher match rates and 10x faster load times on contact records in Chorus. ZoomInfo’s data and insights give go-to-market teams the information they need to connect with prospects and customers at the right time with the right message.

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