Yangaroo and WideOrbit Streamline Traffic Instructions between Advertisers and Broadcasters

Yangaroo and WideOrbit Streamline Traffic Instructions between Advertisers and Broadcasters

YANGAROO, a software leader in media asset workflow solutions for the advertising and entertainment industries, and WideOrbit, a leading advertising and commercial operations platform announced a joint partnership. WideOrbit is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Lumine Group, a Canadian listed company which in turn is a part of the Constellation Software Inc (CSI) ecosystem, a multi-billion-dollar global public company. This collaboration entails a certified integration between Yangaroo’s asset management and delivery platform and WideOrbit’s Electronic Material Instructions module within their flagship ad sales and commercial operations platform, WO Traffic. The integration facilitates a seamless end-to-end automated exchange of traffic instructions, effectively eliminating errors and saving valuable time for advertisers and broadcasters.


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Grant Schuetrumpf, CEO of Yangaroo, explained, “The API integration between Yangaroo and WideOrbit delivers instant benefits to all advertisers and broadcasters using our platforms. The smooth and immediate exchange of data between the platforms represents a substantial enhancement for all stakeholders involved in managing real-time responses and confirmations when advertisers submit traffic instructions to broadcasters across the USA.”

Susie Hedrick, President, and Managing Director of Traffic Systems at WideOrbit, stated, “Our partnership with Yangaroo underscores WideOrbit’s dedication to delivering comprehensive tools that better connect TV broadcasters and advertisers, ultimately simplifying day-to-day tasks. By seamlessly transferring traffic instructions to WO Traffic through Yangaroo, we offer advertisers more advanced and automated workflows. This partnership aligns with WideOrbit’s Wider-World approach, which aims to provide media companies with broader capabilities, deeper insights, and stronger connections.”

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By facilitating a pure data transaction, advertisers simply key in buy and traffic data using Yangaroo. The advertiser then receives immediate feedback that the instructions have been received and processed correctly by a broadcaster that uses WO Traffic, driving efficiency and accuracy for advertisers and their traffic departments.


Richard Klosa, CTO at Yangaroo, emphasized, “This integration holds significant importance for Yangaroo as it aligns with our ongoing dedication to metadata integration. Yangaroo plays a critical role in the asset and metadata ecosystem for advertising spot distribution, and this integration represents a pivotal milestone in our long-standing commitment to effectively managing traffic instructions.”

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