X1 Expands X1 Enterprise Collect Platform to Include Cutting-Edge Microsoft Teams Support

X1 Expands X1 Enterprise Collect Platform to Include Cutting-Edge Microsoft Teams Support

Industry’s Leading Automated, Index-In-Place Data Discovery Solution Now Searches, Preserves, and Collects Data from the Popular Messaging Application, MS 365 Teams and SharePoint, Deepening the Suite of Cloud Storage Solutions, Corporate File Shares, and Enterprise Endpoints

X1, the global leader in index-in-place data discovery software for legal, compliance, governance and investigative purposes, announced the expansion of its innovative X1 Enterprise Collect Platform to include X1’s patented index-in-place capabilities to the widely-used Microsoft 365 Teams application and SharePoint. Corporations, law firms, government agencies, and global enterprises, can now use X1’s automated and unified approach to iteratively search and perform targeted collections of ESI from popular cloud data sources across the enterprise including Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Mail, Dropbox, laptops and file-shares remotely, in minutes, optimizing the eDiscovery and compliance process with a seamless, one-step click-to-review into Relativity.

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.@X1Discovery expands its Enterprise Collect Platform to include support for Microsoft Teams and other popular cloud storage solutions for optimized eDiscovery and compliance processes. #X1 #EnterpriseCollect #MicrosoftTeams #eDiscovery

“The ability to accurately and effectively collect data from Microsoft Teams is of paramount importance given the explosion of potentially relevant content being generated by collaboration applications in today’s business landscape,” said Bobby Malhotra, Partner, Winston & Strawn LLP. “With the vast number of users and unyielding amount of data in collaboration applications such as Teams, having the ability to target and triage data by specific custodians and threads allows organizations to handle discovery in an efficient and pragmatic manner. X1 provides the unique ability to seamlessly collect and search across numerous web, collaboration, and social, data sources.”

“We are extremely excited to offer our unique and proprietary index-in-place collection capabilities to now support MS 365 Teams and SharePoint data sources with the X1 Enterprise Collect platform,” said Larry Gill, CEO at X1. “This new addition addresses a massive data source pain point with eDiscovery collection processes today. Most eDiscovery tools collect from MS 365 by simply making bulk copies of data, and then attempt to transfer that data en masse, a costly, time-consuming, and problematic approach. With X1’s patented, automated in-place approach to data discovery with unified search, preservation and targeted collection, the process is optimized and with X1’s true index-in-place technology, X1 Enterprise Collect alleviates the need for expensive premium processing and hefty downloads now for Microsoft 365 Teams and SharePoint applications.”

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With over 280 million users, Microsoft Teams is a major repository of Electronically Stored Information (ESI). The ability to collect ESI from such a significant and wide-spread source can be a major challenge without the right technology in-place. Preserving the chain of custody while capturing critical metadata is fundamental to a cost-effective and defensible solution. X1 Enterprise Collect, now supporting MS Teams and SharePoint, enables corporations and their outside counsel and service providers to index, search and process ESI from a single solution and uniquely target individual custodians and specific messaging threads to avoid bulk downloads of data, to greatly reduce eDiscovery costs and save critical time by only collecting what you need. X1’s unified interface for collections coupled with its unique index-in-place technology for both cloud-based and on-premise data sources, streamlines the eDiscovery workflow for any legal, compliance or investigation matter.

The X1 Enterprise Collect Platform, Teams collection capabilities, include the following benefits:

  • The ability to target individual custodians and specific messaging threads, displacing any need to mass download channels
  • Unified search and collection of on-premise and cloud data sources, including Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Mail, laptops and file-shares for an optimized approach
  • Patented¹ index, search and process the data in-place, removes any reliance on premium processing or supplemental services
  • One-click upload into Relativity for review, for a streamlined end-to-end process
  • A truly automated product solution, as opposed to a service-based offering

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