Wolters Kluwer Acquires US AI-enabled Drug Diversion Detection Software

Wolters Kluwer Acquires US AI-enabled Drug Diversion Detection Software

Wolters Kluwer Health announced it has signed and completed the acquisition of Invistics Corporation (Invistics), a US-based provider of cloud-based, AI-enabled software for drug diversion detection and controlled substance compliance. Invistics will join the company’s Clinical Surveillance, Compliance & Data Solutions unit, part of Clinical Solutions.

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Invistics’ solution, Flowlytics, uses predictive analytics to detect illicit diversion of both controlled and non-controlled medications in patient care settings such as hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. Drug diversion is a growing challenge in the US healthcare system, costing some $70 billion per year. One study estimates 10% to 15% of health professionals will misuse drugs or alcohol at some point in their career, increasing the risk for drug diversion. Drug diversion occurs when a healthcare worker illegally obtains or uses prescription drugs intended for a patient.


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Flowlytics reconciles drug transactions from purchase to patient and uses AI to rapidly and accurately identify patterns of behavior consistent with drug diversion. A five-year National Institutes of Health-funded study found that Flowlytics detected cases of drug diversion faster and with more efficiency than legacy solutions. In addition to detection, the solution also supports diversion investigation, adjudication, and reporting workflows.

“Invistics’ advanced technology solution fits perfectly with our existing offerings, such as Simplifi+ and Sentri7, which help customers achieve optimal clinical outcomes and regulatory compliance,” commented Karen Kobelski, Vice President and General Manager for Clinical Surveillance, Compliance & Data Solutions at Wolters Kluwer Health. “Our efforts to help health systems deploy effective pharmacy surveillance and compliance programs to reduce patient risk are further enhanced by incorporating the Invistics solution.”

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“Invistics is recognized as a leader in innovative approaches for drug diversion detection and controlled substance compliance. We are excited to join Wolters Kluwer Health—our shared commitment to patient safety makes this a natural home for Invistics,” commented Tom Knight, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Invistics.

Invistics, founded in 1999, is based in Atlanta, GA. Wolters Kluwer expects the acquisition to deliver a return on invested capital (ROIC) above its weighted average cost of capital (8%) within 3-5 years and expects the transaction to have an immaterial impact on adjusted earnings.

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