Vyopta Introduces Advanced Experience Monitoring

Vyopta Introduces Advanced Experience Monitoring

The Most Granular Digital Experience Monitoring For Collaboration

Vyopta, the Collaboration Intelligence Company, announced the addition of Advanced Experience Monitoring capabilities to its Collaboration Performance Management (CPM) suite. The new functionality cements Vyopta’s position as the leader in digital experience monitoring for collaboration.

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“While our customers are in varied industries, they all need visibility and monitoring to understand the health of their environments and the digital experience of their end users,” said Jonathan Sass, Vyopta’s VP of Product Management. “We’re offering them the most robust monitoring solution in the industry that enables them to hone into a VIP’s user experience or zoom out to better understand what is going on with the entire environment.”


Vyopta Introduces Advanced Experience Monitoring 1Vyopta’s new Advanced Experience Monitoring features help users quickly detect and investigate common collaboration issues, by:

  • Proactively identifying degraded experiences of users in key roles to catch more high-stress and/or revenue-loss related incidents
  • Avoiding “noise” and false positives with higher thresholds and the ability to toggle between modalities and media direction
  • Determining if issues are stemming from spiking CPU use, external problems, or from the company’s network
  • Empowering collaboration engineers to customize settings to their particular environment and what they feel is important or relevant

“These customized options will be crucial as Collaboration and IT teams work together to set standards on the way employees are setting up their home and/or office work environment,” said Alfredo Ramirez, CEO of Vyopta.”This level of granularity along with troubleshooting will help IT teams make recommendations for minimum Internet connectivity requirements, headsets, and other tweaks that can be made at home to create a more stable hybrid work model.”

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