UserIQ Leverages Domo to Deliver Advanced Analytics and Visual Reporting to Customer Success Teams

UserIQ Leverages Domo to Deliver Advanced Analytics and Visual Reporting to Customer Success Teams

UserIQ, a software company that helps customer success teams minimize churn risk, identify growth opportunities and drive user engagement, launched a customer success analytics and reporting solution.

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The solution, powered by Domo, taps into the growing need of customer success teams to have more powerful data storytelling and visualization tools that don’t require interpretation. It provides:

  • Trustworthy insights, as it’s connected with other UserIQ data sources such as health scores and user sentiment — in one platform.
  • More than 1,000 third-party integrations.
  • The ability to build visual reports with the data you choose.
  • Easy sharing across teams.

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“In our mission to give customer success teams the most intuitive, actionable platform on the market, we decided to tap the most powerful analytics and business intelligence solution we could find: Domo,” said Tyler Winker, UserIQ CEO. “With Domo visualizing our data and providing connections with other data sources, we believe we have the most compelling analytics tool in the customer success market. Customers will not only have powerful data but will be able to tell the missing story to whoever needs to see it.”

UserIQ has launched reporting dashboards focusing on insights into tickets and feature adoption to help customer success teams easily accomplish the following:

  • Identifying the most active users.
  • Knowing how long it takes users to interact with top features.
  • Drilling down on which types of tickets cause the biggest problems.

Following this launch, UserIQ will release dashboards focusing on other areas.

Carolynn Daskalakis, Domo’s vice president of customer success commented, “UserIQ’s focus on delivering a best-in-class data experience for customer success teams is a competitive differentiator. We’re honored that UserIQ has chosen Domo to help make data easily consumable and actionable for its customers.”

The white label solution, available in the UserIQ Reporting module, comes at a time of aggressive growth in the industry. As SaaS companies increasingly rely on recurring subscriptions to drive revenue, demand for solutions is on the rise. According to Mordor Intelligence, the customer success management market is expected to experience a 25.02% compound annual growth rate from 2021 to 2026.

In addition, customer success employment is on the rise. According to the 2020 Emerging Jobs Report from LinkedIn, customer success was ranked the sixth most popular emerging job in the United States. In December 2021, there were 9,304 open customer success positions in the United States, up from 8,680 the month before, according to the Customer Success Jobs Report by SuccessCoaching.

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