Unbounce Introduces the First AI-Guided Landing Page Building Experience

Unbounce Introduces the First AI-Guided Landing Page Building Experience

Unbounce, the global leader in landing page and conversion intelligence software, announced the launch of Smart Builder (open beta), an AI-powered landing page builder that takes marketers through a guided, personalized journey of creating a landing page, pre-built to convert.

Historically small business owners have relied on general best practices to help them build landing pages and have been unaware of their conversion potential until after the page has been published. Building a landing page without any guidance can be particularly challenging for small business owners with limited time, ad budgets and marketing expertise. Leveraging Unbounce’s proprietary conversion intelligence technology powered by over 1.5 billion conversions collected over 10 years, Smart Builder gives customers personalized, AI-backed page suggestions based on their industry and conversion goals ranging from tailored templates to copy recommendations.


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Unbounce Introduces the First AI-Guided Landing Page Building Experience 1

Early adopters of Smart Builder report not only a reduction in the amount of time it takes to research, plan and launch landing pages, but enhanced utility with Smart Builder’s high-converting copy recommendations.

“The Smart Builder is a pretty spectacular product,” said Victoria Harkes, Marketing Manager at School Bundle. “The level of detail and recommendations it provides is next level. I’m looking forward to using it more often so I can see what other kinds of recommendations it comes up with.”

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As online competition surges in this post-pandemic era, Unbounce’s latest release is part of the company’s aggressive ambitions to give small business owners access to AI marketing capabilities and insights traditionally designed for larger competitors.

“The world is not built for small businesses, who generally have fewer resources, smaller budgets and wear multiple hats. They don’t have the luxury of spending their whole day thinking about marketing campaigns, landing pages, and conversion rates,” said Tamara Grominsky, chief strategy officer of Unbounce. “For these reasons and the intense online competition spurred on by the pandemic, Unbounce is betting its future on conversion intelligence like the Smart Builder. We believe that only when small businesses pair their know-how with the power of AI-backed insights will they achieve their full conversion potential.”

“Between its guided workflows that leverage our decades of conversion data, to our insights that suggest alternative, high impact copy, Smart Builder will be the impetus for how small businesses create high-converting content in the future,” said Chris Brownlee, senior director of product management at Unbounce. “Today’s release is an exciting one and the just beginning of our journey helping small businesses grow smarter in this new era of marketing.”

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