TWAICE Digital Commissioning Software Reduces Risk and Streamlines Energy Storage for Leading Austrian Utility VERBUND

TWAICE Digital Commissioning Software Reduces Risk and Streamlines Energy Storage for Leading Austrian Utility VERBUND

TWAICE, the leading provider of battery analytics software, announced that VERBUND, Austria’s leading energy company and one of the largest producers of hydropower in Europe, successfully used the TWAICE Digital Commissioning software with the utility’s energy storage systems. Developed in response to the challenges that come with commissioning a battery energy storage system (BESS), this new product in the TWAICE software suite enables VERBUND to reduce the risk and optimize the operational efficiency of its energy storage system.

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The TWAICE software, requiring only an online connection of the storage, provided a comprehensive audit of the storage systems just as VERBUND installed them. The Digital Commissioning software identified and analyzed key performance indicators, facilitating the detection of anomalies and easing the deployment process. TWAICE’s software highlights anomalies within energy storage systems and helps to identify weak cells, temperature spikes, and cooling system deficiencies that might be missed in a traditional commissioning process. This is made possible by the vast amount of data that TWAICE analyzes, which would be unattainable with on-site analysis.

“We are thrilled with VERBUND’s success in employing our Digital Commissioning software,” said Stephan Rohr, co-founder and managing director of TWAICE. “Our Digital Commissioning tool not only confirmed its capacity to de-risk the deployment of energy storage systems, but it also provided critical insights that will be essential as VERBUND scales up. VERBUND has proven to be a valuable customer as one of the first users of our Digital Commissioning suite, and we look forward to overseeing future applications of our software.”

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Martin Wagner, Managing Director of VERBUND Energy4Business, noted that, “TWAICE Digital Commissioning helps us to overcome the challenges posed by an increasingly heterogeneous system integrator landscape and ever larger battery energy storage systems. Battery analytics software like TWAICE’s is a must-have for baselining performance at beginning of life and identifying deficiencies before operation starts.”

VERBUND’s plans for large-scale energy storage deployment led the utility to collaborate with TWAICE, with the utility’s clean energy goals including adding a total of 1 GW of battery storage capacity by 2030. TWAICE’s background in battery analytics software and the promise of the new Digital Commissioning suite appealed to VERBUND’s desire to have as seamless a deployment of battery storage as possible. With the Digital Commissioning software, VERBUND’s engineers can better manage the complex and cost-intensive commissioning processes for energy storage, helping avoid missed deadlines and making it easier to obtain standardized, comparable data across different systems.

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