ThreatModeler Software Inc. Introduces CloudModeler Simulations and New Features that Enhance Scalability, Collaboration and User Experience

ThreatModeler, a leader in threat modeling from code to cloud, announced a platform update designed to enhance user collaboration and security through new platform features, including CloudModeler simulations, automated threat modeling enhancements, and streamlined authentication processes. The update also unlocks a new level of scale, enabling tens of thousands of users to concurrently manage hundreds of thousands of threat models that can be checked against 150+ compliance frameworks.

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ThreatModeler now offers new CloudModeler capabilities that enable organizations of any size to ensure fast, efficient, and comprehensive threat modeling for the cloud. This includes the ability to edit cloud models to address evolving business needs, market trends or customer requirements. Cloud model editing enables organizations to respond more quickly to changes, experiment with different configurations and optimize their cloud models for performance, efficiency and user experience. Additionally, CloudModeler users can now create simulations for cloud service architectures such as AWSAzure and more. This new capability enables organizations to better understand and mitigate potential threats before deploying their applications in a live environment.

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ThreatModeler has also introduced a new overview panel to offer more intuitive filtering of threats based on status and risk levels, empowering organizations to identify and address high-priority security risks more effectively. This is especially beneficial for larger organizations that must maintain an up-to-date risk profile across multiple applications. The improved decision-making capabilities provided by the overview panel enable teams to collaborate efficiently and address critical security risks effectively.

Finally, ThreatModeler is boosting security and simplifying the user experience by enabling direct SSO login to significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

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“ThreatModeler is the only solution that integrates with DevSecOps toolchains to provide automated security best practices as part of the development pipeline, enabling organizations to stay secure while fostering an agile development process,” said Pratik Thakker, COO, ThreatModeler. “This foundational capability coupled with the robust new features of this update ensures that organizations can efficiently identify and remediate security controls that need immediate attention.”

“The features announced today extend our technical lead as we continue delivering the most advanced threat modeling capabilities on the market,” said Archie Agarwal, Founder and CEO, ThreatModeler. “CloudModeler simulations and the compounding improvements to our automated threat modeling tools ensure that organizations of any size can confidently manage risk and compliance. The ThreatModeler community can count on our ongoing innovation as we continue our mission to secure infrastructure from code to cloud.”

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