Tensing’s Data Integration Capabilities For Utilities Recognized By Safe Software

Tensing’s Data Integration Capabilities For Utilities Recognized By Safe Software

Tensing is officially recognized as FME Utility Industry Expert Partner. This title is awarded by Safe Software, the developer of FME, only to partners with a proven track record in supporting utilities in the field of data integration. FME is the data integration platform with the best support for spatial data, enabling the connection and transformation of data between hundreds of systems.

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With this recognition Tensing now belongs to a very select group of organizations worldwide that are allowed to use the title FME Utility Industry Expert Partner. The fact that Tensing is now the only organization in Europe that holds both the title “FME Utility Industry Expert Partner” and “Esri Utility Network Specialty” makes it extra special.


The Expert Partner designation is an acknowledgement of proven FME knowledge and expertise within a specific sector, in this case the utility sector, and comes after an extensive audit by Safe Software. Only when a partner meets all sector criteria, the partner will be included in the Partner Expertise Programme of Safe Software.


Tensing passed Safe Software’s audit by providing proof in the form of FME reference cases in the utility industry. In addition, some of Tensing’s utility customers endorsed their FME expertise and Tensing had to demonstrate its substantial contribution to utility data events.

Tensing, leading specialist in spatial data in the utility sector

As one of the leading geographic information systems (GIS) and data integration consulting companies, Tensing has accumulated a great amount of knowledge and experience about data services in the utility industry. Tensing’s expertise was even recognized by Esri earlier this year with the award of the Utility Network Specialty. Esri is world leader in GIS mapping software and offers the most powerful mapping and spatial analytics technology available. To qualify for the Esri Utility Network Specialty, Tensing had to undergo a thorough audit by Esri to test their knowledge, technical skills and experience.

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Now, only five FME partners in Europe hold the title of FME Utility Industry Expert Partner. And even more impressive, Tensing is the only company in Europe that hold both the title of FME Utility Industry Expert Partner and the Esri Utility Network Specialty. A unique achievement and proof of craftsmanship. As a Safe Software Silver partner, Tensing was already listed as FME Certified Professional, FME Certified Trainer and FME Certified Server Professional.

“This award is an honourable addition and a recognition of the great work we have done in the field of data integration for the Utility Industry,” says Dave Laurier, Managing Director of Tensing. “The fact that we are now recognized by both Safe Software and Esri as a specialist in the Utility Industry says a lot. I see it as an incredible vote of confidence in our capabilities in the field of data integration and geospatial information technology within the utility domain. It makes me very proud of our team of specialists.”

The benefits of using FME

Almost every data process contains spatial information or can be enriched with it. A location component makes it possible to visualise data on maps, which helps to understand processes better. But in order to combine diverse data types into one usable set, a data integration platform is required. FME is a data integration platform that specialises in collecting, structuring and exchanging data using spatial information. FME is the best platform on the market to collect, organise, analyse and share data with other systems to gain more insight.

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