Tekion’s Automotive Retail Cloud Now a Strategic DMS Partner With Hyundai Auto Canada

Tekion’s Automotive Retail Cloud Now a Strategic DMS Partner With Hyundai Auto Canada

New strategic partnership allows Canadian dealers added access to Tekion’s platform; connects with all operational systems

Tekion, innovator of the Automotive Retail Cloud (ARC), the first and fastest cloud-native automotive retail SaaS platform, announced its newest partnership with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Hyundai Auto Canada.

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With this partnership, Hyundai and Genesis dealers across Canada can now select Tekion’s Automotive Retail Cloud (ARC) as their dealer management system (DMS) provider. ARC is the first and fastest cloud-native platform including all functionalities of a DMS and accompanying tech stack to run a seamless retail business. ARC modernizes the end-to-end automotive retail journey, improves consumer experiences, and brings the highest efficiencies to retailers by connecting consumers, dealers and OEMs better than ever before through their cutting-edge platform.

Tekion’s platform offers the following benefits to Hyundai and Genesis dealers:

  • Increased efficiencies in Fixed Operations
  • Streamlined staff training enabled by an intuitive user interface
  • Improved communication across all departments
  • Enabled a complete paperless Service process within the first week of implementation
  • Elevated customer experience through digital capabilities and time savings

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“We need to provide our customers and employees with an experience that integrates with their lives and allows them to do more,” said Khalid Kadrie, Vice President of Phaeton Automotive Group. “Switching to Tekion enabled our employees to work more efficiently, while providing our customers the modern experience they deserve.” Phaeton Automotive Group has locations in London, Ontario and the greater Toronto area and is comprised of five dealerships and a state-of-the-art collision center including two Hyundai points, Richmond Hill Hyundai and Thornhill Hyundai.

In addition to running their operations with the most modern tech stack available, Hyundai and Genesis dealers who leverage ARC can also take advantage of additional benefits including flexible contracts, unlimited upgrades, and open APIs

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