StackPath and Console Connect Partner to Provide On-Demand Direct Connections to Edge Computing

StackPath and Console Connect Partner to Provide On-Demand Direct Connections to Edge Computing

 StackPath, the most complete and integrated edge computing platform for latency-sensitive and decentralized applications, and Console Connect by PCCW, an easy-to-use platform for the Software Defined Interconnection of applications and infrastructures, have partnered to enable Console Connect to provision direct network connections to the StackPath platform. Businesses can have dedicated links between StackPath and on-premises or third-party networks provisioned in minutes, accelerating their time-to-market, and improving the security and performance of their multi-/hybrid-cloud workloads.

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“We’re proud to be the first edge compute provider in the Console Connect ecosystem, and the possibilities this brings the market,” said Kevin Odden, StackPath Chief Revenue Officer. “We built StackPath for applications that need speed, and are designed to run across the internet—not just on-premises or in a public hyperscale cloud. Pairing our ability to deploy Edge Compute instances around the world in minutes or less with Console Connect’s ability to deliver dedicated links in the same time frame is a game changer.”

Console Connect allows users to self-provision private, high-performance connections among a global ecosystem of enterprises, networks, clouds, SaaS providers, IoT providers, and application providers.

StackPath provides edge computing solutions, including virtual machines and containers, within 43 major metro markets around the world. These edge locations are strategically placed to minimize the physical distance between the platform and the source or destination of an internet-centric workload’s data, reducing latency. With a robust orchestration platform designed for distributed applications, workloads can be configured once and deployed around the world within minutes.

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Using Console Connect’s self-service portal or API, businesses can now create point-to-point Layer 2 or Layer 3 connections to StackPath, with the ability to scale bandwidth in real-time to meet their needs.

StackPath edge locations in Los AngelesChicago, and Singapore will be the first available for connection via Console Connect, with more locations to follow. Orders can be made and more information is available at Console Connect MeetingPlace.

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