SimpleLegal Introduces Optical Character Recognition In Its Document Management System

Better Searching of Digital Files Provides Real-Time Information and Answers for Corporate Legal Customers

SimpleLegal, a modern legal operations software provider, announced the addition of optical character recognition (OCR) to its document management system (DMS). The new OCR feature allows users to read and search text characters of digitized files in an image format, providing thorough document searching and easier collaboration.

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SimpleLegal Introduces Optical Character Recognition In Its Document Management System 1


Documents are critical to legal practice, and corporate legal departments must have an effective document management system to be more efficient, increase productivity and mitigate risk. SimpleLegal’s DMS is built into its legal operations software, which means matter files are easily accessible within one system. Customers can find the information they need without uploading files into multiple systems or working from incorrect document versions. The addition of the OCR functionality enables attorneys and in-house professionals to search for keywords within all digitized files, returning all-inclusive results instantly.

“At SimpleLegal, we’re constantly listening and responding to customers’ needs,” says Shri Iyer, Vice President of Products and Design for SimpleLegal. “Our customers have responded very positively to our DMS, with the number of users and documents uploaded increasing every day. We saw a clear need for this technology so that in-house attorneys could work even more efficiently in SimpleLegal, which led to our OCR launch.”

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Features of SimpleLegal’s Optical Character Recognition

OCR recognizes text within a digital image, rendering it searchable within SimpleLegal’s DMS. Additional benefits of OCR include:

  • Full-image character searches in some of the most common file formats for digitized images, including pdf, png, and jpeg files.
  • Easier searching of image files after being digitized, with search results refined to include text from digitized images.
  • Improved knowledge sharing by making files more readily discoverable.
  • Reduced risk by allowing legal teams to archive and track documents in compliance with records retention schedules.

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