Securonix Makes Autonomous Threat Sweeper Available to all SaaS Customers to Combat Log4j Attacks

Securonix, Inc., a leader in Next-Gen SIEM, announced the availability of Securonix Autonomous Threat Sweeper (ATS) to all customers to help enterprises and managed service providers identify Log4j related activity. Due to the far-reaching impact of the Log4j/Log4Shell vulnerability, Securonix is making its automated and continuous scans for Log4j related indicators of compromise (IOC) and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP)available to customers free of charge for a limited time.

“The Log4j vulnerability has put incredible stress on security teams as organizations are struggling to keep up with new attacks and variants exploiting the vulnerability. Security teams are stretched especially thin around the holidays and simply don’t have the necessary resources to keep track of insights and behaviors evolving at a rapid pace to monitor and detect this level of potentially malicious activity,” said Nanda Santhana,

SVP of Cyber Security Solutions and Threat Labs at Securonix. “By making the ATS capability available to all customers, our goal is to support every customer by making this service become an extension of their SOC and Threat Hunting teams to perform autonomous threat hunting and make our Threat Lab resources openly available for investigation and response support.”

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Securonix Threats Labs is actively monitoring for attacks and post-exploit activity related to the Log4j/Log4Shell vulnerability, finding new variants and attack patterns every day. As new intelligence is made available, Securonix Threats Labs is curating the data and automating scans in customer security information and event management (SIEM) environments to look for suspicious patterns and IOCs. Securonix is actively investigating its findings and providing reports and incident response support to customers and their security teams. To date, Securonix Threat Labs is supporting more than 100+ customers with Autonomous Threat Sweeper. In the last 7 days, the ATS service has enabled customers to automatically hunt for the presence of more than 1500 Log4j related IOC/TTPs against infrastructure, cloud, endpoint and other application logs.


Securonix is redefining SIEM for today’s hybrid cloud, data-driven enterprise. Built on big data architecture, Securonix delivers SIEM, UEBA, XDR, SOAR, Security Data Lake and vertical-specific applications as a pure SaaS solution with unlimited scalability and no infrastructure cost. Securonix reduces noise and prioritizes high fidelity alerts with behavioral analytics technology that pioneered the UEBA category.

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