Sage42 Unveils Ventana to Boost Customer Experience Using Taboo Filter and Beyond

Sage42 Unveils Ventana to Boost Customer Experience Using Taboo Filter and Beyond

Sage 42 Apps Sdn. Bhd. (Sage42), an enterprise software development firm announced the immediate availability of Ventana, a cloud-based enterprise digital communications platform. Ventana is loaded with a suite of tools to help companies streamline interdepartmental customer service and support (CSS) workflows to manage interactions with customers on social media and messaging apps efficiently using only a single window.

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It comes with Taboo Filter which safeguards businesses by preventing the use of inappropriate content such as profanity, culturally insensitive words, images, and even emojis during interactions with customers to ensure compliance with rules while promoting a positive company image.

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Eugene Gan, CEO of Sage42 said, “Globally, more customers are opting for social apps like WhatsApp to conduct business and get in touch with vendors. This trend has inspired us to develop Ventana so businesses can ride the wave of digital customer service and support using the most efficient and effective approach.”

Patrick Riemer, Sage42’s CTO, stated, “Ventana is a versatile modular application that helps businesses streamline their customer support and marketing operations. It provides flexibility by allowing businesses to customize and adapt it according to their specific needs. With Ventana, orchestrating different business functions like marketing, sales, customer support, and operations becomes effortless.”

While other solutions prioritize customer-facing technologies like AI chatbots, Ventana prioritizes how an organization can effectively orchestrate departments’ and teams’ collaboration to better handle the window of communication.  This ensures productivity remains at its optimum level and prevents delays in responding to customers.


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Another advantage of using Ventana is that companies get access to code-free bots allowing authorized users to independently create chatbots for their respective departments and apply updates at their convenience, without the need to rely solely on the company’s IT team. With Ventana companies can customize their chatbots to support either a single or multiple social media platforms depending on their needs – a high degree of flexibility not commonly found in most existing chatbots in the market. Meanwhile, reports generated by Ventana can provide insightful information for enterprises to grow their business.

“Our extensive experience developing tech solutions for large companies has taught us to approach customer communications management from within the enterprise. This unconventional “inward-looking” practice by Ventana optimizes internal CSS workflows so that companies with multiple departments and cross-regional operations can effectively manage and have control over their communications with customers. This sets Ventana apart from existing solutions in the market,” Eugene explained. The company is looking for strategic partners to expand the product’s capabilities. “A trial account is available for those curious to see Ventana in action,” Eugene concluded.

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