Rewire Security Launches Telematics Platform and App for Fleets

Rewire Security Launches Telematics Platform and App for Fleets

Rewire Security, one of the leaders in the UK in GPS Tracking Systems; announced the release of their GPS & Telematics software, GPSLive. The new software allows business owners and fleet managers to view the location of vehicles in real-time, as well as providing detailed information on fleet driver behaviour, driver route history, vehicle service reminders.

Ekim Saribardak, chief technology officer at Rewire Security, credits the company’s growth and technological improvements to its speed of innovation and adaptation to new technologies in software development and always staying focused on customers’ needs.

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“Rewire Security’s mission is to provide a tool for the businesses in the transportation industry to improve visibility, safety and sustainability in their fleet operations,” said Saribardak. “The world has been cowering at home in 2020 because of the pandemic, but the companies that deliver our food and water have been working tirelessly. This year, we put in hundreds of hours of research and development to deliver products that will make the lives of their customers easier, allowing them to keep an eye on their fleet vehicles and drivers by using GPSLive software and APP.”

This past year, Rewire Security has welcomed hundreds of new businesses, including Pepsico, TEC, Pendragon, H.R Owen – world’s largest retailers in Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti brands. The company also built new partnerships with Teltonika and M2M Intelligence to provide uninterrupted coverage in the UK and Europe.

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According to Ilir Bakiji, chief operations officer at Rewire Security, “Not only our new software provides real-time location of vehicles, but it also answers the most critical questions in the minds of business owners and fleet managers;

  • Are drivers complying with the national speed limits during fleet operations?
  • How many hours do fleet drivers spend driving per day?
  • Are the drivers idling excessively during deliveries?
  • How do I make sure that both the vehicles and drivers are safe?”

“The key to success for any startup or small business lies upon getting the most out of a small budget. GPSLive provides a set of powerful tools for collecting information from vehicles and delivering useful information for fleet managers at an affordable cost,” said Bakiji, adding that they offer businesses an option to start with a no upfront cost basis, allowing them to pay as they go.

The company provides its customers with hardware-meets-software solutions, ready to go right out of the box. Once the hardware is integrated into a vehicle, all the information can be viewed through a simple and intuitive interface. The software provides fleet managers with information on; vehicle position, speed, date and time, ignition state, engine diagnostics, and more.

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